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Academic Programs

Toyota Experience Matters!

Enhance your degree, credentials and resume through our academic offerings. Employers place a high premium on leaders at all levels who understand the true essence of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

You can benefit from our unique Toyota/UK partnership as you gain TPS skills and knowledge through one of our two offerings:

  1. Graduate Certificate in True Lean/Lean Systems
  2. Student True Lean Certification Course

Both of our offerings are based upon TPS, and our partnership with Toyota ensures our content remains up-to-date and in line with Toyota thinking.

Upon course completion, students will be added to our listserv — a True Lean community / network — for access to continuous support from our team.


1. Graduate Certificate in True Lean™ - Lean Systems

  • Interdisciplinary: open to students from all disciplines (not solely engineering)
  • Open to professionals from all industries, at all leadership levels, in all disciplines
  • Four required courses; 12 credit hours total
  • Innovative instruction techniques include hands-on, real-world experiences
  • Instructors have rich, deep experience in academics, business and industry
  • Academic certificate appears on your transcript

Application and Requirements


2. Student True Lean™ Certification Course (non-credit)

  • Open to all full-time students at UK or other college/university
  • One week long, it is conveniently scheduled around the UK academic calendar
  • The not-for-credit certificate is granted to participants upon completion

Application & Requirements