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Student Success

  • The James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success is a one-stop shop for presentation help, career development assistance, academic advising, student records, academic tutoring and more.
  • The Elbert C. Ray eStudio offers instruction in designing websites, soundproof rooms for practicing presentations, video cameras and tripods for check-out, wall-sized whiteboards and more.
  • Faculty and staff are willing to go to great lengths to help you succeed academically and professionally.
  • Discover more about the Center for Student Success here.



The Hardymon Center for Student Success is convenient, because it's basically a one stop shop with everything a student could need here. You can come in for study, and you can come see your faculty or advisors.

They offer Presentation U tutoring along with Tau Beta Pi, which is the engineering honor society tutoring.

The academic advising team always has an open door policy, so you can come and see them whenever. And they're especially helpful for planning out your future courses to help you stay on track, or they can help you edit your current schedule to make you more successful. They can help you find scholarships, they can help you find research opportunities. Anything to advance your academic career, they are there for.

When I first heard of career development, I thought that that was mainly for juniors and seniors. But it turns out it's as much for freshmen and sophomores. I've already attended numerous career development events, and they've told us about the importance of internship and research and co-ops. And they also told us how we can get involved even in our freshman year. And they've already helped us get a résumé in place so that we are prepared for when that time comes.

The way I believe UK Engineering helps you succeed the most is by creating a family and a community. I know that I'm cared for at UK. My professors know my name. My academic advisors, too. Even the engineering administration staff does. And I know that they care about me because they're checking up on me. They want you to know that you belong here at UK.