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Lexington, KY

  • Lexington is a big city with a small-town atmosphere.
  • UK is located near a vibrant downtown area, rolling horse farms and Keeneland Race Track.
  • Experience all four seasons and plenty of sun!
  • Learn more about all that Lexington has to offer here.


Lexington is a really unique city, in the sense that it's really large and open so you get a lot of diversity, but it's also small enough where you can really feel comfortable with everything going around in Lexington. UK's campus is very close to downtown Lexington, which is really the heart of this area.

There's a park downtown, Triangle Park. There's Rupp Arena. There is plenty of good places to eat downtown. Outside of Lexington, we have our old ball park. We have plenty of horse parks to go to around here, if horse riding is one of your things. We also plenty of outdoor parks to go to. We also have a castle. It's 10 miles west. I don't think many places can say they have a castle.

Lexington is a good place to live because it's very safe, the population is very educated, and you get a lot of different diversity points.

Weather here in Lexington is just absolutely phenomenal. It's sunny all year round, and even if we get a couple of inches of snow, the sun always comes out and melts it pretty quick.