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Engineering Residential College Living Learning Program (LLP)

  • Live in recently constructed Woodland Glen III with other engineering majors.
  • Enjoy engineering-related programming such as Root beer with an Engineer.
  • Engineering students in the LLP perform better academically than engineering students not living in the LLP.
  • Get academic tutoring in your own residence hall!
  • Learn more about our Living Learning Program here.

The first year of engineering is very intimidating. You take a lot of very tough courses. But being in the engineering LLP is great because you're surrounded by other people who are taking those tough courses, too. So you have people to lean on and support you, and you can support them. And it's great to develop those good study skills and get those good grades freshman year.

I do feel like the LLP has helped me become a better student, because it provides not only classmates who you're living with. But they also provide you with a peer mentor. That peer mentor is an older engineering student who is able to help you with anything from classes to registering. And they help you make sure that you are on the right track to graduate.

What really sets the LLP apart as well is that many of the classes are held in Woodland Glen III, which is the engineering LLP dorm. So that makes it more accessible for students, because their EGR classes are held right where they live.

We have all sorts of fun activities. We'll do Super Bowl parties. We just had a video game night. So it's not all work in the LLP.

We do have a lot of fun events there, just building that sense of community or meeting other students in a very informal-- not a way that's like, hey, we need to study for this test coming up. It's just very relaxed and having a good time.

The LLP has several professional development opportunities. There's always events where different employers will come in and talk about internships and co-ops that they have available, as well as some of the faculty here at UK. And specifically, the career development people at the College of Engineering will come in and have workshops and things on communication skills and other professional skills.