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Amazing Faculty

  • Friendly, approachable faculty members want to help you succeed in your classes.
  • Faculty bring their extensive research and industry knowledge to class lectures.
  • Faculty members often invite students to participate in their laboratories or work with student organizations.
  • Faculty members are engaged in research that matters and affects our everyday lives.
  • Go here to read about civil engineering assistant professor Mariantonieta Gutierrez Soto’s research on the Texas coast shortly after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area.

The UK faculty are completely invested in our success, offering wide breadth of opportunities that we can get involved in early on.

The faculty is very accessible. They're open to emailing questions, office hours, after-class questions. I've actually done all three of those things with my professors.

And they want to make sure that I understand the concepts so that I'm able to apply those concepts as well. I know they know what they're teaching about, and they're able to give us numerous different ways to approach the problem. That way we're able to choose which one's best for us.

They don't just teach their subject. They bring in their real world experience to the classroom. So in machine design, we'll learn about what our professor did while he worked at an oil company.

The professors in the College of Engineering, whatever they instruct us, it's very practically-minded and it's about giving us the skills we need to succeed in the future. And I've used the information they've taught me in the co-opted internships I've had. Because it's very practically-minded, and very much it is like what you experience in the real world.

So it's not just, here's the material. It's, here's the material and look what you can do with it.