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Undergraduate Research

  • UK’s engineering faculty members work with undergraduate students on cutting-edge research.
  • Our Scholars Program in Undergraduate Research can help you sharpen your research skills and even publish research results.
  • Find out more about undergraduate research opportunities in the college here.

UK's research program is the reason that I've decided I want to go to grad school. So it's completely changed what I want to do with my career. And it's also given me a lot of opportunities just to get more practice in.

I definitely feel like the research that I've done has kind of narrowed down my pathway and eliminated some others. I started out with a general field of interest, and doing research kind of helped me say OK, I know I don't want to do this, but this is still interesting to me.

Working with faculty members at UK is really, really great. All of the professors that I've ever met really care deeply about your success.

A couple of times I've walked into the professor I work for's office, and he'll be working on a problem up on the white board and he'll say, hey, come take a look at this, I'm not quite getting this math right, let's see what you think.

Working with my peers on research is also really great. Everyone at UK really cares about one another. They all really like working together in this community. In addition, outside of class, but still on campus, we have various organizations, including our blade smithing team, where we make swords on campus. And then you can bring those into lab and look at the steel samples under the microscope and do a full analysis of everything that you've made.