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Scholars in Engineering and Management (SEAM)

  • Our Scholars in Engineering and Management program (SEAM) combines engineering and business in a way that will prepare you for today’s global economy.
  • Our Scholars programs offer multi-year concentration in leadership, entrepreneurship and research.
  • Certificate programs that allow you to specialize in aerospace, surveying, automotive production engineering, biopharmaceutical engineering and more.
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When I was researching colleges, one of the things that stood out at the UK was the SEAM program.

The SEAM stands for Scholars in Engineering and Management, and it's a pathway within the Honors College for engineering or business students to take.

I actually want to own my own civil engineering business, so SEAM helped me combine the engineering aspect with the technical and business aspect. And you can see how the engineering tactics you put in place, how they affect the world and business, like cost management and project management and cost analysis. And that's really advantageous in the world.

Outside of the intangible skill set that you gain, there are also different certificates that you acquire through the SEAM program, one of them being the lean system certifications, where SEAM students go through a week of understanding the lean systems model that Toyota has put together, and which helps you be more innovative as an engineer and more profitable in the same way. And that's a big movement in today's industries, so having that certificate under your belt really sets you apart from other candidates for jobs.