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About Us

About the Engineering Residential College

The Engineering Residential College (ERC) Living Learning Program (LLP) offers a unique opportunity to College of Engineering students who are passionate about pursuing a career in engineering or computer science to live together in a common, goal-focused community. This residential experience complements classroom expectations by integrating students into the engineering community with programs centered on professional development and enhancement. In addition, the ERC provides students with opportunities to interact with College of Engineering deans and faculty, alumni representatives from the industry and advisors. Hand-selected peer mentors help students meet the academic expectations of the engineering program and excel in academic excellence. Finally, ERC students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on engineering classes with other engineering students in a state-of-the-art classroom located within the ERC on the first floor of Woodland Glen III.


All students who are selected to participate in the ERC LLP will reside in Woodland Glen III, located in the South campus neighborhood.

Connected Courses

First-year students will be enrolled in courses applicable to the UK First-Year Engineering Program. These courses will help students discover their pathway in the College of Engineering so they will succeed and be pleased with the degree they earn.


The UK College of Engineering provides a Director of the Engineering Residential College LLP, who is available to help students on a regular basis. In addition to mentoring and guidance, the ERC director organizes various activities with the assistance of assigned peer mentors, such as:

  • Tutoring and academic review sessions, which are available to engineering ERC students in the Woodland Glen III (WG III) active learning centers and in the WG III large and small classrooms. ERC peer mentors are available for assistance during these group-led study sessions in chemistry, calculus and college algebra throughout each semester. Dates and times will be provided on the ERC Facebook page, announced via email and showcased on the electronic display located in the main lobby of WG III
  • Workshops on graduate school, Co-ops, internships, resume writing, research and more
  • “Root Beer with an Engineer,” where College of Engineering faculty members, engineering alumni and industry leaders share their wisdom with ERC students over root beer floats
  • Periodic site visits/field trips to local industries that employ engineering and computer science graduates
  • Faculty game nights and movie nights that invite students to interact with faculty outside the normal classroom and academic environment