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Determining Course Equivalencies

Transfer Equivalency Database:

The University of Kentucky currently has almost 500,000 established course equivalencies from many colleges and universities around the country. To find a complete listing of the course equivalencies already established from your institution, please visit our Transfer Equivalency Database. Please note that if your institution and/or courses are not listed here, it does not mean that credit will not be awarded, but that more information may be needed. Please contact the Transfer Equivalency Office at (859) 257-9532 for more information.

Transfer Equivalencies for Kentucky Colleges and Universities:

Students transferring from a college or university located within the state of Kentucky can use Pathway to Engineering curriculum sheets to quickly determine equivalencies already established between your institution and the University of Kentucky.

Advising and how transfer credits are applied towards a College of Engineering degree:

The UK Office of Undergraduate Admission generally determines the total credit hours of transfer work that will be accepted. In most cases, it is the director of undergraduate studies in your proposed major who determines exactly which of the transferred courses may apply toward specific degree requirements.

When a transfer student attends their orientation Advising Conference, an Engineering advisor will explain how their transfer work has been applied. In some cases, course descriptions and/or syllabi may be needed from you in order to determine exact course equivalencies.

Transfer students are welcome to consult individual departments in advance of their Advising Conference so they may become familiar with degree requirements in their prospective program. Contact the Director of Student Records, B.J. Brandenburg at barbara.brandenburg@uky.edu.

Please note that any Engineering course credits must be earned at an ABET-accredited (www.abet.org) institution.

International Students and Transfer Credits

Establishing course equivalencies prior to arriving at UK is especially important for international Engineering students seeking to complete their degree here at UK. Documenting that you have the prerequisites to proceed into UK Engineering required courses is essential. Not only must your completed courses be documented on your transcript, but in some cases providing copies of course syllabi, old tests and papers can help determine course equivalencies and adequate preparation for UK’s courses.

  • International students transferring to UK should contact the Director of Student Records, B.J. Brandenburg at barbara.brandenburg@uky.edu.

Visiting international students who are not intending to earn a degree from UK also need to provide documentation of completed prerequisite courses for the UK courses that they wish to enroll. Prior approval from your current institution’s advisor for classes you plan to take at UK is highly recommended. Visiting students are responsible for ensuring the courses they take at UK will fulfill the requirements of their home program.

  • UK course equivalencies that are already established for many international institutions can be found on our Transfer Equivalency Database.
  • Applicants from non-English speaking countries must provide an official English translation of their official school record.
  • Complete information for international students transferring to UK can be found here:  http://www.uky.edu/Admission/international.htm.