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Scholars in Engineering Leadership

Leading through Innovation, Character, and Service

The Scholars in Engineering Leadership program at the University of Kentucky provides engineering students with a foundational understanding of leadership characteristics and skills, as well as opportunities to put those skills into practice. The program consists of two required 1-credit courses—one in the sophomore year and one in the junior or senior years—and a required active leadership experience.

Please note: November 22 is the deadline to apply for the spring semester.

Year One: Leadership Fundamentals

Students in the Scholars in Engineering Leadership program will take the course below:

EGR 190: Understanding Leadership 1, 1 credit
This sophomore-level course introduces students to concepts in leadership, including skills and character inventories, team dynamics, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, styles of leadership and development of a personal leadership philosophy and plan. Focus is on individual skills and traits, and defining what it means to be a leader.
Students in the SEAM Honors program take this program their freshman year as part of the SEAM program.

Year Two: Advanced Leadership and Team Dynamics

Students in the Scholars in Engineering Leadership program will take ONE of the two courses below:

EGR 492 (offered as EGR199 is Spring 2019): Scholars in Engineering Leadership 2, 1 credit

This junior/senior course focuses on a deeper study of leadership in a team setting, including team formation, interpersonal conflict, delegation, leading from behind, team diversity, global cultures and communication. There is a focus on team leadership and relationship building. The course requires participation in freshman and sophomore mentoring programs and active involvement with at least one student or community organization.

EGR 490: Engineering Leadership, 1 credit

This limited-enrollment course offers unique opportunities to meet personally with UK alumni and other leaders who share their knowledge and experience, including how they have arrived in positions of leadership and how they view their roles as leaders. Students are able to personally interact with speakers throughout the class, developing relationships and learning from the leaders' experiences, successes, mistakes, crisis situations and their responsibility to the community as leaders of their organizations.

Leadership in Action

Students in the Scholars in Engineering Leadership program are required to put their leadership skills into action through involvement in a leadership role with a student organization, company or professional organization, religious organization or community organization.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Active students in the College of Engineering in good standing
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0

Application Process

Please submit the following materials as a single .pdf file to engrleadership@uky.edu:

  • Short essay (no more than 300 words) describing your interest in this program and your personal goals for leadership development
  • Updated resume with your academic and work background, including any previous leadership experiences

Contact Information

Mike Johnson, mike.johnson@uky.edu, Scholars in Engineering Leadership director