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Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship

This program is open to undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Engineering with the classification of sophomore or higher. While not a formal certificate program, the goal of the Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship program is to provide structure to engineering and computer science students who have a desire to discover how to think and act more entrepreneurially given their engineering training.

Specifically, this program is for undergraduate students in the College of Engineering who have a desire to learn how to think entrepreneurially and gain real-world entrepreneurial experience. That is, this scholars program is for students who wish to become the next generation of innovative thinkers and hi-tech entrepreneurs.

Because this scholars program is about entrepreneurship, the requirements are different than the other scholars or certificates programs within the college. Specifically, the Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship program rewards students who actively participate in non-credit, extracurricular, real-world experience.

After their acceptance to the program, students must complete 1 required 3-hour course and then successfully complete a sufficient number of external entrepreneurial experiences selected from the list below. College of Engineering students should have a minimum of 30 undergraduate hours to apply to the program.

One of the following courses is required:

  • EE599/EGR599 Entrepreneurship for Engineers
  • MGT 292: Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation (SEAM students will take this class automatically)

Execution is essential to being a successful entrepreneur. Although participation is important, successful entrepreneurship must culminate in achievement outside of the classroom. Thus, to become an Engineering Scholar in Entrepreneurship the successful candidate must earn a total of at least 12 points by completing the following extracurricular entrepreneurial activities.*

5 pts – Completing Start-up Weekend ( http://lexington.startupweekend.org): An event organized by the UK Entrepreneur’s Club and Awesome, Inc. where participants work together over the weekend and leave with several developed companies or projects

2 pts – Attending the Idea Festival (www.ideafestival.com): An annual gathering of global thinkers and one-of-a-kind innovators with presentations, workshops and discussions about innovations

3 pts – Pitching a business concept at Five Across (http://www.5across.org/): An innovative concept pitch contest for local entrepreneurs

2 pts – Serving as an officer/team leader in the UK Solar Car club (https://www.engr.uky.edu/solarcar/)

5 pts – Completion of the Venture Studio Boot Camp series (www.vace.uky.edu) or ½ point for every session attended

5 pts – Full Co-op semester at an approved high-tech start-up company (send a request to the Director)

5 pts – Serving as an Office of Technology and Commercialization Fellow (OTC Fellow)

3 pts – Becoming a Team Alpha member at Awesome, Inc. (www.awesomeinc.com)

2 pts – Submitting a UK IP disclosure

3 pts – Being selected as a member of a UK Accel team

1 pt – Attendance/participation in a local Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) event

1/3 pts – being a member/serving as an officer in the UK E-Club

1 pt – Attending Undrcvr, Lexington’s High-Tech Career Fair

1pt/3pts – Entering/Winning UK Venture Challenge program (https://ci.uky.edu/inet/page/university-kentucky-venture-challenge)

1pt/4pts – Entering/Winning Idea State-U competition

*This is a dynamic list in that other activities will be added as evaluated by the director while current credit activities may be eliminated if no longer available through the local entrepreneurship community.

Note that many of the above events do not take attendance nor have feedback/evaluation from the participant. The director of the Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship program will work with these programs and the scholars themselves to validate that the scholars did indeed participate in these programs and at a level worthy of scholar.

As previously stated, once a basic foundation of understanding is established, entrepreneurship is best experienced outside the classroom. Furthermore, this program is not intended to be an undergraduate certificate program where candidates learn/practice within a classroom.

However, applicants can receive five points toward the required 12 points by successfully completing one of the following entrepreneurial-related classes (note: this list is subject to change).

COM 381: Communication, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Thinking

MGT 301: Business Management

MKT 300: Marketing Management

COM 591: Information Technology Strategy (Enterprise Management), Information Strategy, and Information Technology

EE599/EGR599 Entrepreneurship for Engineers (if they have already taken MGT 292)

MGT 292: Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation (if they have already taken EE599/EGR599)

LAW 599: The Business of Intellectual Property (course proposed by Ian McClure Director of OTC)

For more information, contact the director of the Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship: Dr. Bruce L. Walcott, 859-257-1182 or walcott@uky.edu.