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Engineering Scholars Programs

Scholars programs at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering give engineering and computer science students a path toward specialization in a specific topic combined with learning experiences outside the classroom. Scholars programs require students to participate in leadership, entrepreneurship or undergraduate research opportunities in order to assimilate classroom material into real-life situations.

Scholars in Engineering Leadership

The Scholars in Engineering Leadership program at the University of Kentucky provides engineering students with a foundational understanding of leadership characteristics and skills, as well as opportunities to put those skills into practice.

The program consists of two required one-credit courses, one in the sophomore year and one in the junior or senior year, and a required active leadership experience. The focus in the first class is on individual skills and traits, as well as defining what it means to be a leader. In the second class, students concentrate on team leadership and relationship building. Students participating in the program are required to put their leadership skills into action through a leadership role in a student organization, company or professional, religious or community organization. November 22 is the deadline to apply for the spring semester.  Learn more here

Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship

The Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship program provides structure to engineering and computer science students who desire to discover how to become the next generation of innovative thinkers and hi-tech entrepreneurs.

Because this scholars program is about entrepreneurship, the requirements are different than the other scholars or event certificates programs with in the UK College of Engineering. Specifically, the Engineering Scholars in Entrepreneurship rewards students who actively participate in non-credit, extracurricular, real-world experience. Learn more here.

Scholars Program in Undergraduate Research

The Scholars Program in Undergraduate Research seeks to teach undergraduate engineering students how to collaborate effectively in research settings while investigating areas of research interest within a specific discipline and gaining practical skills and knowledge for both graduate study and post-graduate careers. Undergraduate Research Scholars will have opportunities to conduct research, analyze data, present research results, network with other undergraduates with similar research interests and develop working relationships with faculty mentors and other research staff.

The program will consist of one required two-credit course, a required structured research experience and a junior/senior-level capstone symposium. November 22 is the deadline to apply for the spring semester. Learn more here.