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Wireless Device Registration

Please complete the following form if you have a wireless device in your lab or office that you want connected to the campus wireless network beyond May 6, 2018. Wireless devices for the purpose of this form are defined as: Apple TVs, media players, wireless printers, wireless cameras, etc., and need to be pre-registered with UK ITS before they can use UK’s new device network.

If you would like ECS’s assistance in collecting any of this information, please enter as much information as you can, and then click the box “Requesting Assistance” box at the end of the form.

Please contact Lynn Tilley (lynn.tilley@uky.edu), Kyle Dippery (kyle.dippery@uky.edu), or Kenny Blair (Kenny.blair@uky.edu) if you have any questions.

NOTE: Please do NOT enter laptops, iPads and smart phones on this form. These devices will use the EDUROAM wireless network, not the UK Device network, and do not need to be pre-registered.

Device Information