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Kentucky Racing

Kentucky Racing is an organization out of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering that aims to promote and further develop UK’s student motorsports organizations. With Kentucky Racing, teams are able to work with the College of Engineering to bolster relationships within the University, its students, and supporters of these organizations.

Both teams are independently led and operated by students. This includes the designing, manufacturing, marketing, and racing of both vehicles.

UK Solar Car Team

  • Builds and races a solar-powered racecar
  • Founded in 1999
  • 25 active members
  • Current vehicle, Gato Del Sol V, was completed in July 2014

Formula Kentucky

  • Builds and races a small Formula-1 style racecar
  • 20 active members
  • 2016 was the first year UK’s team successfully completed a FSAE event

Gato Del Sol V

  • Weighs 800 lbs with driver
  • Top Speed: 73 mph 27mph on solar power alone
  • 100-150 mile range on batteries


  • Weighs 500 lbs
  • Uses CBR 600cc Engine (76 hp)
  • Top speed of 130 mph
  • 1.5Gs of lateral acceleration




UK Solar Car Team

  • Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP)
    • Annual track-style race held on road courses (typically at the Circuit of the Americas)
    • Team with the largest number of laps accumulated over 3 days of racing wins
  • American Solar Challenge
    • Biennial cross-country race
    • Teams typically race ~1900 miles over 1week

Formula Kentucky

  • Formula SAE Michigan and Lincoln (FSAE Michigan)
    • Annual events held at Michigan International Speedway and the Lincoln Airpark
    • Teams are awarded points based on vehicle design as well as on-track performance
    • Events include design presentations, autocross runs, and an endurance race.
  • SCCA Autocross Events
    • Compete in local autocross runs hosted by Central KY SCCA

FSGP 2017

  • Finished 5th out of 18 teams in scrutineering
  • “Fastest Braking Award”
  • Completed 80 laps (272 miles)
  • Second fastest car on track
  • Finished 7th overall out of 18 teams
  • Best finish in FSGP for Gato V

FSAE Michigan 2017

  • Placed 86th overall out of 120 teams
  • Second consecutive year of completing competition
  • Placed 51th out of 120 teams in Endurance event (one of ~60 teams that completed Endurance event)
  • Placed 60th out of 120 teams in Cost event

Educational Benefits

  • Hands-on opportunities for engineering design and manufacturing.
  • Allow multidisciplinary students to develop and demonstrate their communication, creativity, and technical skills.
  • Educational excellence in STEM as well as the creative integration of technical and scientific expertise across a range of disciplines.

Impact on Community

  • Participate in STEM outreach throughout the state.
  • Generate excitement among K-12 students to pursue college-level education and engineering careers.

UK Solar Car Team

  • Begin construction Gato Del Sol VI for 2018 FSGP and ASC
  • Goal of placing in the top half of teams in 2018 FSGP
  • Goal of completing 2018 ASC

Formula Kentucky

  • Begin construction of FK03
  • Race FK03 at FSAE Lincoln 2018
  • Goal of placing in the top 50 teams in 2018
  • Research and begin design for FK04