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Co-op Student Forms

During the first four weeks of your co-op term, you will be submitting your “Job Data Report” to the co-op office. You can either do this using the form Job Data Report, or by logging into UK’s Handshake Career Management System, in order to report your co-op placement.

While on co-op, UK staff will send you a link to complete the co-op appraisal (self-evaluation). You can take a look at the form here as well:

Position Appraisal (PDF)

At the end of your co-op term, you will need to submit a co-op report. Please see the report guidelines below.

Co-op Later Terms Work Report Guidelines (PDF)

Coop guidelines

Your supervisor, whose contact information you report in the job data form, will also receive a request to evaluate your performance at the end of the semester. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the supervisor submits this in order for the student to obtain a pass in the co-op course, EGR 399.

Sample Rotation Schedules

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science Junior Rotation Schedule (Word File)

EE Sophomore rotation for Summer Start (Word File)

EE Sophomore Student Rotation – Fall Start (Word File)

CS Sophomore Rotation, Fall Start (Word File)

Civil Engineering Junior, Spring Start Rotation Schedule (Word File)

CE Sophomore Co-op Rotation, Summer Start (Word File)