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Career Development Services


During the spring semester, our staff is on campus every Wednesday and some other days, but we can be reached for quick questions via our office phones, which forward to our remote work locations, during business hours. If you have quick questions about job searches, career fairs, networking, or anything else, please connect with us at:

Zachary Fuqua: 859-257-9145; zachary.fuqua@uky.edu

Ilka Balk: 859-257-4178; ilka.balk@uky.edu

As always,  you can make one-on-one appointments with any of us using uky.joinhandshake.com (go to Career Center Tab and then appointments). At this time, we will move all appointments to the Zoom platform, and we will send you the zoom link for your one on one appointment when we confirm you appointment request.

To obtain a meeting with one of us on short notice (30 minutes to 2 days in the future), you can book a meeting with one of us at: http://bit.ly/UK_EGR_DropIns

Stay in the loop on new job opportunities:

We are maintaining job seeker listserves in each major that you can subscribe to (you do not need to be a student in that particular major, if you just want to keep looking at what's out there):

To subscribe, go to https://lsv.uky.edu -  Pick "View public list archives"

You can scroll through the very long list looking for lists that sound interesting, or you can search for particular ones, like “jobs, which will show you the following ones:

BAE-JOBS (Biosystems) EE-JOBS (Electrical)
BIEN-JOBS (Biomedical) LEAN-JOBS (Lean Systems)
CE-JOBS (Civil) ME-JOBS (Mechanical)
CHE-JOBS (Chemical) MFS-JOBS (Manufacturing)
COE-JOBS (All Engineering) MNG-JOBS (Mining)
COMPE-JOBS (Computer Eng.) MSE-JOBS (Materials)



For Computer Science, all CS students will be automatically added to a departmental CS-jobs listserve by the Computer Science Department.

Working with you to make a decision on your career path and help you get there

Engineers have some of the most satisfying and lucrative jobs on the planet. How do you launch one of these prized careers? That’s where we come in. We are happy to help you with any of the following counseling services to make the most of your top-notch UK College of Engineering degree.

Make an appointment through our career management system, Handshake. Log in with your UK linkblue user name,  (select “career center” – appointments – schedule new appointment). If you are an alumnus/alumna and not yet on Handshake, you can also call us at 859-257-4178 or email EngrCareer@uky.edu to schedule an appointment.

Making a career decision

Are you unsure what direction you’d like your career to go? Learn the many career paths available within the different engineering majors. Take the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to better understand your interests and personality by visiting the Counseling Center or the James W. Stuckert Career Center.

ONET OnLine has detailed descriptions of different jobs that can be utilized by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more. Check out the ONet Interest Profiler career assessment for free. Go to http://www.onetonline.org then click on “I Want to Be a…” to take the assessment. You will receive the “Holland Code” type of personality description and guides as to possible occupations for your personality. Extensive research in those occupations is available right there in O*Net.

The Engineering Career Development office can also connect you with employers through events and other resources.

Cover letter and resume critiques

Do you want to put your best foot forward on paper? Your cover letter and resume are the documents you use to market yourself to employers — so you can’t afford to have mistakes. We will assist you in polishing these documents to highlight the skills employers are seeking. Bring a paper copy of your cover letter and/or resume to the meeting. The Stuckert Career Center has tips and sample letters here.

For a detailed webinar recording on basic resume writing, click here.

Practice interviews

Do you want to improve your interviewing skills? Practice interviews are an excellent way to get better. Schedule a practice interview with us today. Plan to dress professionally, bring a copy of your resume and the position for which you are interviewing if you would like the interview tailored for a specific position. Want to practice from the privacy of your own computer? Access InterviewStream directly from your computer through your Handshake Career Management System. Example questions and etiquette information can be found here.

Interview Rooms

The James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success on the third floor of F. Paul Anderson Tower has an interview room available that can be reserved for phone or web/video interviews. To reserve the room, please log in to our system, Handshake, and create a new "appointment" with EGR Interview Room for the appointment type use “EGR Interview Room Reservation,” which will automatically give you a 2-hour window of time.  If you need more time, email EngrCareer@uky.edu so we can change the appointment to a longer time block for you.

Finding an internship or a co-op position

Seventy-two percent of our graduating seniors in engineering gained industry experience through co-ops or internships (or a combination thereof) in their field before graduation. This helped them make a decision on their career path after graduation and gave them the skills to compete for the best engineering jobs. Do you want to gain experience before graduation? It’s never too early — more and more employers are hiring engineering students after their first year for internships. Make an appointment with us using our career management system Handshake. Bring a copy of your resume to your appointment and learn how to market your skills to potential internship/co-op employers.

Search strategies

Do you know how to make the most of your job search? Learn strategies for finding opportunities in the “hidden” job market, for targeting a specific location for a job search or for making connections in a particular industry.

Try our Handshake Career Management System, UK’s online career management tool that allows you to apply for jobs and internships and sign up for on-campus interviews online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. Many local, state, national and even international employers conduct interviews on UK’s campus during the fall and spring. Don’t miss out on this chance to land an interview. You can also publish your resume for review by employers, find specific contacts at an organization, view company information sessions through Handshake and conduct an online practice interview from your own computer with InterviewStream.

If you are looking for a way to gain extensive work experience while continuing to make progress towards an academic degree in engineering, please visit the Cooperative Education page and contact Zachary.Fuqua@uky.edu.

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Did you know:

  • 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking (which includes career fairs)
  • Job seekers spend 24.11% of their hunt networking
  • 46% of successful job seekers applied directly to the employer
  • 54% of job seekers use social media to network


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