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Zach Anderson

Computer Science - Student

Surgeons and anesthesiologists prepped for their next bariatrics surgery: scrubs, masks, gowns, gloves? Check. Google Glass, connected and fully charged? Check. They headed into the operating room. The doctor and an anesthesiologist wore Google Glass technology mounted on their eyeglasses. In the top right corner of the right lenses, they could see the patient’s vital signs. The software engineer, University of Kentucky computer science student Zack Anderson, watched as his work was put to the test… and passed. Working with Dr. Alex Gandsas of the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Maryland, Anderson’s innovation is designed to reduce the distractions surgeons and anesthesiologists face as they operate. Applying wearable technology to glasses allows them to keep their eyes on the patient and monitor vitals at the same time. The venture began as an undergraduate research project Zack’s freshman year, working with Department of Computer Science Chair and Professor Brent Seales.

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