Race History

ASC: American Solar Challenge. A cross-country race that is now held every other year during the summer of each even year. Each team races through multiple stages from city to city. The team with shortest total time from the starting stage to the finishing stage, including penalties, is the winner.

FSGP: Formula Sun Grand Prix. A three-day track race held every year. The team that completes the most laps during the allotted race time (usually 24 hours, 8 hours a day for 3 days) is the winner. During the even years, FSGP serves as a qualifying race for ASC. To compete in ASC, you must complete a certain number of laps as determined by the race officials. The number of laps you complete determines your starting position for ASC.

NASC: North American Solar Challenge. Same race as the American Solar Challenge.

Scrut: Scrutineering. The rigorous, three-day testing each solar car must complete. All components of the cars are checked for safety and performance. Each car MUST pass all sections of scrutineering to race. The order in which teams pass scrutineering determines the starting order for FSGP.

Vist the ASC and FSGP webpage at americansolarchallenge.org!

Example: In 2010, 16 teams entered to race in FSGP. Gato IV passed scrutineering and finished FSGP 12th. 12 cars qualified to race in ASC, and with Gato IV starting 12th, the team finished 9th.

Race Car Results
ASC 2003 Gato I Pass Scrut. DNQ for rayce.
FSGP 2004 Gato I 2 of ? in stock class
NASC 2005 Gato II Pass Scrut. DNQ for rayce.
FSGP/NASC 2008 Gato III 5 of 23/11 of 14
FSGP 2009 Gato III 2 of 9
FSGP/ASC 2010 Gato IV 12 of 16/9 of 12
FSGP 2011 Gato IV 5 of 11
FSGP/ASC 2012 Gato IV 14 of 16/DNQ