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Rock Mechanics Laboratory

Satec stiff testing system, model C600MB, 300-ton capacity, configured for compressive testing; Satec stiff testing system, model TC-55, 25-ton capacity configured for both compressive and tensile testing (both machines are digitally controlled and have digital data acquisition systems); direct shear machine. Photoelastic apparatus with bi-axial chamber allows the studying of stresses under two-dimensional loading conditions.

The modeling laboratory is built with a stiff floor that may be used as a resistance plate for large-scale testing of rock or support systems. The breech of a 16-inch naval battleship gun has been converted into a high-pressure triaxial chamber for rock specimens of up to one cubic foot.

Field Studies
Equipment readily available for field research includes instruments for stress determination monitoring of support performance, measurement of deformation and strain, borescoping and in situ testing of rock properties.