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Coal and Mineral Preparation Laboratories

Coal Drying Room:  Controlled ovens that conform with ASTM standards for air-drying of coal.

Alliance Coal Analytical Laboratory: Ash analysis furnace, total sulfur analyzer, calorimeter, particle size analyzer, dynamic and static viscometers, fume hood, microscopes, load cell for compressive strength analysis of small specimens; environmental chambers for atmospheric control of experiments.

Surface Chemistry Analytical Laboratory:  Goniometer for contact angle measurements, zeta potential analyzer, surface tensiometer, Shimadzu 1280 UV-Vis spectrophotometer for surfactant concentration measurements; turbidity meter.

Crushing, Grinding and Sample Preparation:  Hardgrove grindability tester, hammer mill, Holmes 10 x 15 hammer-mill crusher, 5-inch by 6-inch jaw crusher, Chipmunk jaw crusher, riffle, ball mill,  pro-splitter table and vibratory feeder, Gilson testing screens, Ro-tap sieve shakers, suitable sieves, sieve cleaner, gyratory screen separator, Draiswerke pulverizing system, holmes pulverizer, variety of scales and balances, Buehler polishing table.

Dust-generating equipment is appropriately enclosed and vented; equipment used on potentially explosive materials is shielded and sealed to guard against electrical spark.

Unit Processing Laboratory (wet):  Deister table, Mozley table, dry air table separator, 18 x 24 commercial jig, 4 x 6 jig, Carpco portable laboratory cyclone unit, Krebs and Weir dense medium cyclone system instrumented with data acquisition and computer control, Krebs and Multotec classifying cyclones, Multotec concentrating spiral, fluidized-bed separator, Franz isodynamic separator, wet magnetic separator, Davis Tube magnetic separator, high tension electrostatic separator, triboelectric separator, flotation cells (Denver, Wemco, Hazen-Quinn), flotation columns, float/sink equipment, batch pressure filter, wet-vac wet sieve tester, air-jet sieve, slurry splitter, centrifuge, batch vacuum filter, continuous laboratory thickener, process control instrumentation, variety of mixers, sumps and pumps.