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B.S. Lean Systems Engineering Technology

What do Lean Systems Engineering Technologists Do?

Lean Systems Engineering Technologists are employed as Lean Continuous Improvement Engineers, Lean Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Lean Process Improvement Engineers, Supplier Quality Engineers, Lean Manufacturing Specialists and Quality Engineers. They are employed by the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries, nongovernmental organizations, and government labs for manufacturing and analysis.

How Much Do They Earn?

The median annual wage for Continuous Improvement Engineers/Specialists was $79,744 in May 2020.

Employment of Continuous Improvement Engineers/Specialists; Manufacturing Production Technicians/Technologists and Lean Manufacturing Specialists is projected to grow eight percent between 2019 to 2028. Job prospects may be best for those who stay abreast of the most recent advances in technology.

*Source: Data was collected from Burning Glass; they represent actual job postings in the last twelve months and BLS projections from 2019-2028.

Where Do They Work?

  • Manufacturing
  • Service and hospitality industry
  • Financial industry
  • Industrial equipment design
  • Consulting firms
  • Government agencies
  • Energy and environmental solutions


This pathway is modeled after BCTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Technician track that is supported by the Bluegrass Chapter of the Federal Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME USA), and is a career pathway with national network of nearly 400 companies in 14 states that partner with community colleges and universities. The FAME Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program is a unique apprenticeship program that combines classroom learning with paid on-the-job experience, teaching skills in demand across industry.