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Rules for the Informatics Certificate Curriculum

1.  Admission

a. Admission to the curriculum requires submitting an application for admission to the certificate and a one-paragraph Statement of Purpose indicating why the student is interested in the certificate. These materials should be submitted by email to the director of the certificate

b. To apply for admission to the curriculum, students must be (1) an enrolled graduate student, (2) a post-baccalaureate student (only for faculty, staff, and Medical School residents) or (3) a visiting student

c. The certificate committee will decide on each application individually, basing its decision on student quality and motivation and on current demand for the curriculum

d. Students who have been admitted to the curriculum will have priority in registering for informatics courses

e.  Students must be admitted to the curriculum in order to be awarded the certificate. Such admission may be accomplished at any time during the course of the curriculum

f.  The committee may dismiss students from the curriculum who consistently fail to make adequate progress

2. Certificate Award

At the time of admission, the committee will approve the three-course sequence of courses the applicant will take as part of the curriculum. In some cases, a higher requirement of up to 15 credit hours may be imposed. All courses must be completed within a span of three years. Changes in the sequence while in the curriculum will require approvals by the committee. For most students, the sequence will start with INF 401G (not open to CS students). In order to be awarded the certificate, a student must have completed the sequence with an average grade of B or better.

4. Specializations

The curriculum in informatics will have several specializations, including humanities, biology, health care and linguistics. Specializations in other fields can be added as needed.