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Graduate Admissions in Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Contact information

For information, please contact our admissions staff. You can also phone +1-859-257-4997. We try to respond to email within two business days.

Fee Waivers

Students who have completed BS or MS degrees at a US college or university with a GPA of 3.5 or better are eligible for an application fee waiver. Please, contact Ms. Kathy Ice-Wedding for details.


We expect graduate students entering our degree programs to demonstrate knowledge of computing, competency in scientific applications and mathematical maturity. You can demonstrate computing knowledge through extensive experience in the use of high-level programming languages and acquaintance with assembly language. We anticipate that you will have studied data structures and possess knowledge of computing systems, numerical methods and theoretical computer science. You can demonstrate competency in scientific applications in a variety of ways. Experience in applied mathematics, engineering or any of the sciences is usually sufficient.

We provide several remedial courses for graduate students who lack some of this background. Often students with a background in mathematics or engineering instead of computer science spend a portion of their first two semesters taking these courses.

Application Procedure

To apply, you must submit a completed application to The Graduate School through the ApplyYourself website.

  • You must provide transcripts from all post-secondary institutions at which you have taken courses, whether you received a degree or not
  • If you are an international student, The Graduate School requires a signed and documented financial certificate. When you get a letter of acceptance, you should submit this certificate to The Graduate School following the instructions in the letter. Do not send these materials to the Department of Computer Science
  • International applicants must include current TOEFL or IELTS scores (within two years).
  • GRE test is not required, but it is recommended.
  • Scanned copies of test results are acceptable for the application, but if accepted, you are responsible for having your test provider send these scores to The Graduate School. These are the codes you should use:
    GRE institution code 1837
    GRE department code 0402
    TOEFL institution code 1837
    TOEFL department code 78
  • If you want financial support, fill out this Assistance Application form, scan it and upload to the ApplyYourself website
  • Include your resume or CV and other optional materials
  • Include the Statement of Purpose, a brief essay explaining why you wish to pursue graduate studies in computer science
  • Arrange for at least three letters of recommendation that must be submitted by the recommenders to the ApplyYourself website

The CS department will access the data you have provided via ApplyYourself.

If you have questions, please send an email to csgradpro@cs.uky.edu.

If you have questions that you wish to direct to The Graduate School, please contact an admissions officer here.


If you are an international student or wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship or a fellowship, we should have both parts of your application (both to The Graduate School and the department) by the following dates:

  • For the fall semester: online application and fee: March 15. All materials: April 1.
  • For the spring semester: online application and fee: August 15. All materials: September 1.
  • We only accept applications for the fall and spring semesters; admission is not granted for the summer sessions.

If you are a domestic student not looking for financial support, we should have both parts of your application at least one month before your first semester starts.

Deferring Admission

If you have been admitted to the Department of Computer Science but need to defer that admission to a later semester, inform The Graduate School by updating your application. If The Graduate School granted you a scholarship, it does not automatically renew that grant after you have deferred your admission. If you have been granted financial assistance by the Department of Computer Science, send an email to csgradpro.cs.uky.edu. We do not guarantee that the grant will still be in force when you arrive.

Transfers among Departments and Programs

If you are already admitted to The Graduate School in some other department and you wish to transfer to the Department of Computer Science, you must update your application with The Graduate School. You must also submit the materials listed above to the Department of Computer Science. We will evaluate your application the same way we evaluate new applications.

If you are currently a student pursuing a master's degree in computer science and wish to begin a Ph.D. program in computer science (or the reverse), you must update your application with The Graduate School. You should also speak to the director of graduate studies in the Department of Computer Science, who will decide whether or not to approve your request.