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Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering

Expand and deepen your expertise in structural engineering analysis and design. The online Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering is designed to provide students with core knowledge in prestressed concrete, steel structures and matrix structural analysis. The courses will be beneficial to civil engineering students and practicing structural engineers.

This online Structural Engineering Certificate offers three (3) courses, 3-credit hours each, to provide students with technical skills required to develop more sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The courses can be applied toward graduate degrees in civil or structural engineering. Additionally, each course can provide significant professional development hours that potentially satisfy a state's Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering professional licensing requirements.

Application Deadlines

Spring 2020: December 9, 2019
Summer 2020: April 11, 2020
Fal 2020: July 17, 2020

Start Dates

August 26 
January 15
June 12 

Cost per credit: $685

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