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Minor in Biomedical Engineering

This minor is intended for undergraduate engineering students seeking to supplement their education by applying skills learned in their respective disciplines to the field of biomedical engineering (BME).

The emphasis on upper-level BME courses builds upon the foundation taught in core undergraduate engineering courses. Beyond the one required course, students pursuing this minor will choose at least five elective courses in consultation with a biomedical engineering faculty advisor. Students and their biomedical engineering faculty advisor may select courses providing a concentration in a particular subfield or they may select courses providing breadth across the field of biomedical engineering.

The minor in biomedical engineering requires: a) a previously declared undergraduate engineering major, b) a minimum of 18 hours of coursework, c) a GPA of at least 2.5 in these courses, d) no grade lower than a C in any BME course, and e) official university registration indicating formal pursuit of the BME minor. At the discretion of the BME department chair (or designee), a limited number of equivalent course substitutions may count toward the requirements for this minor.  At least 12 credits must have the BME prefix. No substitutions will be permitted for the required course. Registration for the minor requires completion of an online form and may be done by the student’s faculty advisor or in consultation with Ms. Barbara Brandenburg, director of student records in the UK College of Engineering. Students pursuing the minor are strongly encouraged to plan their courses in consultation with their advisor because most BME electives are offered only one semester each academic year.

Required course

BME 301 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering (3 credits)

Elective courses (select five from among the following*)

BME 395 Independent Research in Biomedical Engineering (1-6 credits)
BME 405 Introduction to Biomedical Signal Processing (3 credits)
BME 472 Human Biomechanics (3 credits)
BME 485 Fundamentals of Biofluid Mechanics (3 credits)
BME 488 Introduction to Biomaterials (3 credits)
BME 508 Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology (3 credits)
BME 515 Modeling of Physiological Systems (3 credits)
BME 530 Biomedical Instrumentation (3 credits)
BME 540 Mechanical Modeling of Human Motion (3 credits)
BME 579 Neural Engineering (3 credits)
BME 580 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging (3 credits)
BME 481G Topics in Biomedical Engineering (Subtitle required) (3 credits)
BME 599 Topics in Biomedical Engineering (Subtitle required) (3 credits)

* up to 6 credit hours of independent research (e.g., BME 395) or special topics courses (e.g., BME 481G or BME 599) may count as electives.