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Civil Engineering Graduate Student Awarded W.L. Matthews, Jr. Fellowship

April 12, 2022

Ariel Gold-McCoy, a graduate student in the Department of Civil Engineering, has received a University of Kentucky W.L. Matthews, Jr. Fellowship.

The Board of Directors of the University of Kentucky Athletics Association established the fellowship in memory of W.L. Matthews, Jr., a former University of Kentucky Rosenberg College of Law faculty member. The fellowship is awarded to UK graduating seniors who plan to continue their post-baccalaureate education in one of the University's graduate or professional programs. 

"Ariel is one of our most outstanding students in civil engineering. She shows an astounding work ethic and is very gifted," said James Fox, Raymond-Blythe Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. "Ariel consistently places the interests and needs of others before herself. She is a considerate servant leader to our community, and I'm very confident she will have a rewarding career in engineering."

Her work in Fox's lab is focused on modeling contaminant source, transport, and fate by sampling local watersheds. Their research helps communities keep their water sources clean and safe.

Gold-McCoy realized how water quality in streams and creeks could affect a community's health and happiness while growing up in Lexington, Kentucky. 

"As a kid, I enjoyed playing in a local creek," said Gold-McCoy. "However, it became polluted with coliforms, so I wasn't allowed to play in it anymore. I learned that water is not always safe. You can't always rely on it. I wanted to be able to know enough to do something about that. The research I do contributes to our understanding of water quality issues from my creek to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond."