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Yuan Liao Awarded a Department of Defense DURIP Award

November 22, 2021

This award will be used to purchase critical research equipment that will enable investigators to pursue more future defense related grants and educate more undergraduate and graduate students.

Yuan Liao, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, with co-PIs Jiangbiao He, Aaron Cramer and Dan Ionel received a DURIP (Department of Defense University Research Instrumentation Program) award funded through the Office of Naval Research, totaling $876,408.00.

This project will be used to purchase critical research equipment including a real-time digital simulation system - RTDS simulator, Omicron protection testing system CMC 356 and amplifier CMS 356, and a power amplifier EGSTON CSU100.

The project team includes faculty members in the Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky (PEIK), who have strong interests in research and education critical to the missions of DoD. The purchased equipment will empower investigators to perform research in modeling, simulation, diagnostics, protection and control of power components and systems, which are critical to the mission of the DoD.

The equipment will enhance existing defense-related research and enable investigators to pursue more future defense-related grants and educate more undergraduate and graduate students who have the expertise in power and energy area to meet the need for future defense labor force. The project team also plans to make the equipment available to researchers at other universities and the industry for broader impacts. The new equipment will greatly enhance the research and education infrastructure and capacity at the University of Kentucky, and as a result, the PEIK center will make a steady step toward establishing itself as one of the leading and key contributors to DoD research and education.

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