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Fall Semester Dean’s List Features 991 Engineering Students

January 11, 2021

To make a Dean’s List, a student must earn a grade point average of 3.6 or higher and must have earned 12 credits or more in that semester, excluding credits earned in pass-fail classes.

The University of Kentucky has released its Dean's List for the Fall 2020 semester. A total of 8,496 students were recognized for their outstanding academic performance; 991 from the College of Engineering (11 percent).

To make a Dean’s List in one of the UK colleges, a student must earn a grade point average of 3.6 or higher and must have earned 12 credits or more in that semester, excluding credits earned in pass-fail classes. Some UK colleges require a 3.5 GPA to make the Dean’s List. 

Students below are listed alphabetically by last name.


Dillon Abney Computer Engineering
Sarah Abukwaik Mechanical Engineering
Madankrishna Acharya Computer Engineering
Samuel Adams Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Oluwaseun Adekunle Pre-Computer Science
Samuel Adkins Pre-Computer Science
Anish Agarwal Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Ibrahim Abdallah Nasser Ali Al Abdali Civil Engineering
Maadh Mohammed Hamed Saif Al Abri Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Haitham Sultan Salim Al Adawi Mechanical Engineering
Shatha Sultan Salim Al Adawi Pre-Chemical Engineering
Tariq Salim Sulaiman Al Failany Civil Engineering
Said Humaid Said Humaid Al Hajri Pre-Mining Engineering
Al Mutasem Said Saif Mohamm Al Jahwari Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Abdul Rahman Abdulla Mohamme Al Rawahi Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Issa Salim Mohamed Al Riyami Pre-Electrical Engineering
Yousuf Al-Azzawi Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth Alexander Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Nadeen Abdulaziz S Alghamdi Computer Engineering
Charles Allen First-Year Engineering
Reece Allen Pre-Computer Science
Taylor Allen Mechanical Engineering
Willis Allen Pre-Computer Science
Matthew Allison Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Luqman Al-Saba Computer Science
Jessica An Pre-Computer Science
Hope Anderson Pre-Electrical Engineering
Jason Anderson Pre-Computer Science
William Anderson Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Diego Andrade Computer Science
Quinn Andrews Chemical Engineering
Brianna Antis Chemical Engineering
Jed Antonio Pre-Computer Science
Catherine Appelman Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Applegate Computer Science
Cohen Archbold Computer Science
Guillermo Arias Perez Mechanical Engineering
Charles Armstrong Pre-Computer Engineering
Samuel Armstrong Computer Science
Austin Arnold Computer Science
Noah Arragaw Computer Science
Jose Arreguin Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Fiona Arrese Mata Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Theodore Asensio Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Ashley Computer Engineering
Evan Athanasakes Pre-Computer Science
Seth Atkins Civil Engineering
Peter Avalos Pre-Civil Engineering
Kaitlyn Bacik Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Bailey Computer Science
Johnathan Baird Pre-Computer Science
Sarah Baird First-Year Engineering
Austin Baker Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Baker Chemical Engineering
Niklas Balk Pre-Electrical Engineering
Chase Ballard Computer Science
Maxwell Bamberger Pre-Computer Engineering
Kade Bandura First-Year Engineering
Lukas Banhidy Biosystems Engineering
Megan Banhidy Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Bankes Computer Science
Lillian Banks Chemical Engineering
Logan Bannister Computer Engineering
Rachel Barber Pre-Civil Engineering
Larken Barnes Pre-Computer Science
Tristan Barnes Computer Engineering
Aaron Barnett Computer Science
Ethan Barnett Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Barnett Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Luke Barrera Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Barry Mechanical Engineering
John Bartholomai Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Bartholomai Pre-Computer Science
Seth Baunach Computer Science
Lauren Bechtold Pre-Chemical Engineering
Jacob Beckelhimer Computer Science
Lyndsey Becker Pre-Computer Science
Melissa Beckman Pre-Civil Engineering
Matthew Bell Materials Engineering
Kimberly Bennett Chemical Engineering
Robert Bennett Computer Science
Lincoln Bent Pre-Computer Science
William Bentley Pre-Computer Engineering
Jordan Berezowitz Pre-Chemical Engineering
Ryan Berg Pre-Civil Engineering
Ethan Berling Civil Engineering
Matthew Bernard Chemical Engineering
William Berry Computer Science
Alix Bertelsman Computer Science
Alix Bertelsman Computer Engineering
Lucas Bertucci Pre-Chemical Engineering
Cassidy Beyer Mechanical Engineering
David Beyerle Mechanical Engineering
Savannah Beyerle Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Praneeth Bhatt Pre-Computer Engineering
Shane Bickett Mechanical Engineering
Briscoe Bilderback Mechanical Engineering
Blayke Bingham Pre-Materials Engineering
Jacob Birge Computer Science
Dina Birioukova Computer Science
Alexander Bix Computer Science
Bailey Blair Pre-Civil Engineering
Cooper Blair Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Blair Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Blake Mechanical Engineering
Grace Bochenek Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Noah Bohannon Computer Engineering
Jacob Bohman Pre-Civil Engineering
Christopher Bond Computer Science
Megan Bordner Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Bobby Bose Computer Engineering
Luiza Botelho Lacerda Chemical Engineering
Dustin Bottoms Electrical Engineering
Ian Bouma Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Charles Bowen Pre-Chemical Engineering
Isabella Bowling Electrical Engineering
Isaac Bowyer Chemical Engineering
Nathan Boyce Pre-Chemical Engineering
Stuart Boyd Mechanical Engineering
William Boyd Pre-Computer Science
Paul Boyechko Computer Engineering
Mason Bradley Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Dylan Bragg Pre-Computer Engineering
James Bramblett Pre-Civil Engineering
Chloe Brangers Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Kaleb Brannock Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Bray Computer Science
Evan Bremmerkamp Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Bretzke Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Brewer Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Peter Briggs Mechanical Engineering
Marlene Broady Pre-Computer Engineering
Aliza Brown Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Brown Pre-Electrical Engineering
Eric Brown Civil Engineering
Tiana Bryant Pre-Computer Science
Alicja Bubnowska Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Trinity Buchanan Pre-Civil Engineering
Erin Buchaniec Computer Science
Parker Buckley Computer Science
Bao Bui Pre-Computer Science
Katherine Bull Materials Engineering
Jeremy Bullock Pre-Computer Science
Brendon Bultman Computer Science
Samuel Burch Computer Science
Jason Burdette Electrical Engineering
Jacob Burdine Computer Science
Cody Burke Mechanical Engineering
Amelia Burnett Pre-Computer Science
Zachary Burns Computer Science
Tyler Busson First-Year Engineering
Jackson Butcher Pre-Computer Science
Tony Butera Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Butler Computer Engineering
Braden Bybee Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Elijah Byrne Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Cabral Pre-Computer Science
Dominic Caggiano Pre-Materials Engineering
William Caldbeck Electrical Engineering
Nicholas Calderaro Pre-Computer Science
Benjamin Calloway Mechanical Engineering
Erick Calvillo Pre-Computer Engineering
Victoria Cambron Pre-Civil Engineering
Margaret Campbell Chemical Engineering
Calista Camper Pre-Computer Science
Destyn Carlton First-Year Engineering
Evan Carrico Electrical Engineering
Jeffrey Carver Pre-Computer Science
Isabelle Catlett Computer Engineering
Joshua Caudill Pre-Computer Engineering
Jacob Cecil Civil Engineering
Luis Chacon Olivar Mechanical Engineering
Emma Chamberlain Pre-Computer Science
Alexander Chaney First-Year Engineering
Sydney Chapman Pre-Computer Science
Jack Charlton Pre-Electrical Engineering
Abhishek Chaudhary Pre-Computer Science
Kaushal Chaudhary Computer Science
Kaiyuan Cheng Computer Science
Rachel Cherry Electrical Engineering
Angela Chester Electrical Engineering
Alexander Chinigo Chemical Engineering
John Chism Pre-Civil Engineering
Jackson Chumbler Computer Science
Kaitlin Clancy Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Clark Computer Engineering
Kyle Clark Computer Science
Nicholas Clark Civil Engineering
Catherine Clay Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Dylan Clifton Pre-Mechanical Engineering
McKenna Clinch Pre-Chemical Engineering
Amy Cline Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Cline Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Caleb Cline Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Clouse Pre-Electrical Engineering
Carsen Clouser Biosystems Engineering
Michael Coburn Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Jackson Codispoti Computer Science
Jacob Coffey Pre-Materials Engineering
Jacob Cole First-Year Engineering
Timothy Coleman Mechanical Engineering
John Colfer Computer Science
Hunter Colson Pre-Chemical Engineering
Cameron Combs Chemical Engineering
Dale Comenzind Mechanical Engineering
Hanna Conklin Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Jacob Conrad Pre-Electrical Engineering
Marlenne Conrado Rojas Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Connor Conti Mechanical Engineering
Tiffany Coogle Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Catherine Cornwell Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Coty Computer Science
Logan Coty Pre-Computer Science
Christopher Cox Pre-Computer Science
Hailey Craft Pre-Chemical Engineering
Logan Craig Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Charlotte Creekmore Pre-Chemical Engineering
Noah Cribelar Computer Science
Thatcher Crist Pre-Computer Engineering
Andrew Crittenden Computer Engineering
Cole Cuddy Electrical Engineering
Jacob Culler Computer Engineering
Tyler Cultice Computer Engineering
Seth Damron Electrical Engineering
Jackson Danna Computer Science
Chloe Darnell Civil Engineering
Benjamin Darpel Computer Engineering
Matthew Dawahare Mechanical Engineering
John Dawalt Mining Engineering
Tyler Dawalt Pre-Chemical Engineering
Rebecca Deason Biosystems Engineering
Sumanta Debnath Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Lillian DeBord Pre-Materials Engineering
Katherine Delgado Computer Science
Garrett Demaree Pre-Civil Engineering
Clayton Demps Pre-Computer Science
Justin DeWitt Pre-Computer Science
Jainam Dhruva Pre-Computer Science
Gabrielle Dice Civil Engineering
Sydney Dicks Computer Science
Theresa Dienno Pre-Civil Engineering
Payton Dillon Pre-Chemical Engineering
Thomas Dimeny Computer Science
Ian Dingle Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Dingus Computer Engineering
Aissatou Diop Chemical Engineering
Ridge Disselkamp Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Tait Doeringer Mining Engineering
Bruno Domingues Tacchi Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Donovan Computer Engineering
Andrew Donovan Computer Science
Samuel Dornbach Computer Engineering
Lucas Doss Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Doucette Computer Science
Burke Doud Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Allyson Douglas Computer Science
Timothy Downey Chemical Engineering
Daniel Downs Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Lauren Doyle Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Tory Driskill Pre-Chemical Engineering
Caleb Duckworth Chemical Engineering
Skyler Dunn Computer Science
Victoria DuPlessis Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Durbin Pre-Computer Science
Curtis Durham Computer Science
Josh Dutta Pre-Electrical Engineering
Danielle Dutton Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Megan Dwyer Chemical Engineering
Matthew Edgar Chemical Engineering
Ashlee Edmonson Biosystems Engineering
Darrin Egan Pre-Computer Science
Micah Ehrman Mechanical Engineering
Allison Ehlman First-Year Engineering
Aidan Elias Pre-Civil Engineering
Andrew Ellis Pre-Chemical Engineering
Katie Emmett Biosystems Engineering
Eric Epperson Pre-Chemical Engineering
Anna Erpenbeck Pre-Electrical Engineering
Jonathan Erwin Pre-Computer Science
Dylan Etris Computer Engineering
Joseph Ewing Pre-Biosystems Engineering
William Eyer Pre-Chemical Engineering
Olivia Farmer Civil Engineering
Javid Fathi Computer Science
Amelia Faust First-Year Engineering
Alexandra Fava Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Landon Feese Biosystems Engineering
Parker Feezor Pre-Computer Engineering
Ye Feng Electrical Engineering
Adam Fernandez First-Year Engineering
Connor Ferris Chemical Engineering
Alexander Fields Materials Engineering
Jazmyn Fields Pre-Civil Engineering
Justin Fillippa Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Finegan Pre-Chemical Engineering
Jacob Finerty Computer Science
John Finney, II Mining Engineering
Shane Flanagan Computer Science
Gerrit Fleischer Computer Engineering
Gerrit Fleischer Electrical Engineering
Elaina Fluty Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Fluty Computer Science
Curtis Ford Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Fordyce Electrical Engineering
Robert Fortenberry Chemical Engineering
Christopher Foster Pre-Computer Science
Nathan Foullong Electrical Engineering
Julie Fouts Mechanical Engineering
Melicity Fraley Mechanical Engineering
Shelby Fraley Mechanical Engineering
Mengting Francis Pre-Computer Science
Blaise Frasure Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Hayden Free Computer Science
Noah Freyberger Civil Engineering
London Fry Pre-Computer Science
Aaron Fryman Civil Engineering
Anthony Fugate Pre-Civil Engineering
Benjamin Fulkerson Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Luke Fulkerson First-Year Engineering
Cade Gallenstein Pre-Computer Science
Daniel Galvan  
Ethan Gamble Pre-Computer Science
Aydin Garbus Pre-Computer Engineering
Brett Gasior Mechanical Engineering
Everett Gati Pre-Chemical Engineering
Caroline Gerwig Mining Engineering
Layton Gibson Mechanical Engineering
John Gilbert Chemical Engineering
Matthew Gilbert Chemical Engineering
Samuel Gilbert Biosystems Engineering
Zachary Gilbert Computer Science
Nova Gilkey Pre-Chemical Engineering
Luke Gilland Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Spencer Gillaspie Pre-Computer Science
Madison Giltner Mechanical Engineering
Spencer Givan Biosystems Engineering
Jason Givens, Jr Pre-Computer Science
Madison Gladstone Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Ariel Gold-McCoy Civil Engineering
Rafael Gomez Pre-Electrical Engineering
Brennan Graham Pre-Computer Science
Jesse Graham Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Graham Electrical Engineering
Stewart Graham Mechanical Engineering
Bryce Grant Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Connor Graves Pre-Chemical Engineering
Brennen Green Pre-Computer Engineering
Connor Greenwell Mechanical Engineering
Colin Greer Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Greer Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Griffin Pre-Computer Science
Austin Griffith  
Brooke Griffith Electrical Engineering
Ryan Griffith Pre-Materials Engineering
Dylan Guffey Electrical Engineering
Jose Guijosa Pre-Computer Science
Shehan Gunawardena Mechanical Engineering
Cole Gutterman Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Hackbart Pre-Computer Engineering
Benjamin Hacker Civil Engineering
Bridget Hagene Pre-Mechanical Engineering
John Hall Pre-Civil Engineering
Joseph Hall Computer Science
Walker Hall Mechanical Engineering
Madeline Halpin Chemical Engineering
Alexander Ham Pre-Civil Engineering
Omar Hamdan Pre-Chemical Engineering
Austen Hamelback Civil Engineering
Charles Hamilton Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Evan Hamilton Computer Engineering
Billy Hamlin, Jr Mechanical Engineering
Ifrah Hammad Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Bram Hampton Computer Science
Jasper Hampton Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Wendell Hampton Pre-Civil Engineering
Eric Han Computer Science
Heidi Hanes Materials Engineering
Haley Hannan Computer Science
Andrew Hardie  
John Hardin Computer Engineering
John Hardin Computer Science
William Hardy Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Honor Hare Computer Science
Catherine Harkins Chemical Engineering
Audrey Harper Pre-Computer Engineering
Paul Harrington, IV Pre-Electrical Engineering
John Harris Pre-Electrical Engineering
Mason Harris Electrical Engineering
Lucas Harrison Mechanical Engineering
Fabian Harris-Villegas Mechanical Engineering
Cassia Carrena Harsha Pre-Computer Engineering
Sanzher Harsha Pre-Electrical Engineering
Madison Hart Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Zebulon Hart Mining Engineering
Carelynn Hartmann Pre-Civil Engineering
James Hawkins Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Hannah Heady Pre-Mining Engineering
Kyle Heckler Pre-Computer Science
William Hemmer Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Luke Hentz Pre-Materials Engineering
Michael Hentz Pre-Computer Science
Braiden Hickman Lamarche Mechanical Engineering
Braiden Hickman Lamarche Pre-Computer Science
Noah Hickoff Materials Engineering
John Hicks Mechanical Engineering
Davis Higdon Chemical Engineering
Robert Higdon Civil Engineering
Aaron Hill Pre-Chemical Engineering
Caleb Hill Mechanical Engineering
Graham Hill Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Grayson Hill Materials Engineering
Maya Hillis Chemical Engineering
Kayla Hillyard Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Madeline Hite Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Hite Pre-Computer Science
Hanh Duong Hoang Pre-Computer Science
Rylee Hobbs First-Year Engineering
Danielle Hockensmith Biosystems Engineering
William Hodge Mechanical Engineering
Tabitha Holloway Computer Science
Brysen Honeycutt Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Trace Hook Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Dylan Hopkins Pre-Electrical Engineering
Megan Horn Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Natalie Hornung Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Tyler Horton Mechanical Engineering
Devin Howard Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Howard Civil Engineering
Tinsley Howard Mechanical Engineering
Emma Huelsmann Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Ryan Huesman Civil Engineering
Ethan Huff Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Hume Computer Science
Daniel Huynh Mechanical Engineering
Austin Hyder Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Arnaud Igiraneza Shyaka Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Chidozie Igwe Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Imani Computer Science
Michelle Ogheneovo Imarah Civil Engineering
Abdulmajeed Isaac Pre-Civil Engineering
Joshua Isenhoff Civil Engineering
Jared Isler Computer Science
Marylin Ivanov Pre-Computer Science
Jahanzaib Jabbar Mechanical Engineering
William Jackson, II Pre-Computer Engineering
Benjamin Jacobs Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Blake Jaeger Mechanical Engineering
David Jenkins Materials Engineering
Kaijie Jin Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Megan Johar Computer Science
Ashley Johnson Biosystems Engineering
Ashley Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Athan Johnson Pre-Computer Science
Connor Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Johnson Electrical Engineering
Rylie Johnson Pre-Computer Science
William Johnson Pre-Computer Engineering
Amanda Jones Pre-Computer Science
Leon Jones Chemical Engineering
Lucas Jones Pre-Civil Engineering
Matthew Jones Mechanical Engineering
William Jones Mechanical Engineering
Jack Jordahl Pre-Chemical Engineering
Caroline Jordan Computer Science
Emily Jordan Civil Engineering
Ruby Jost Pre-Civil Engineering
Dimitri Joy Computer Science
Isaiah Joy Pre-Computer Science
Abigail Jull Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Kyle Jury Mechanical Engineering
Mary Jutze Materials Engineering
Jared Kaiser Computer Engineering
Abigail Kalany Mechanical Engineering
Brooke Kalous Computer Science
Michael Kamb Computer Engineering
Sungmin Kang Computer Science
Vishaal Kannan Pre-Computer Science
Dimitrios Karadimas Pre-Chemical Engineering
Saloni Divakar Karanth Pre-Computer Science
Aayush Karki Computer Science
Andrew Kauffman Mechanical Engineering
Garrett Kays Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Ben Keener Computer Science
Gracey Kelley Pre-Chemical Engineering
Nathan Kelley Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Kelly Pre-Electrical Engineering
Samantha Kelly First-Year Engineering
Elizabeth Kelsey Pre-Computer Science
Caleb Kennedy Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Tyler Kennedy Computer Science
Samuel Kever Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Key Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Monynich Kiem Computer Science
Terence Kilcoyne Pre-Civil Engineering
Donghyun Kim Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Joel Kim Chemical Engineering
Kristin Kimmel Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Austin King Pre-Chemical Engineering
Jackson King Computer Science
Richard King, III Computer Engineering
Lillian Kirby Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Joshua Kirk Electrical Engineering
Joshua Kirk Mechanical Engineering
Mark Kirkham Chemical Engineering
Jennifer Kisabeth Civil Engineering
Maelyn Kiser Chemical Engineering
Bradley Klass Civil Engineering
Mitchell Klusty Pre-Computer Science
Amy Kobraei Pre-Electrical Engineering
Julianne Koenig Computer Science
Julianne Koenig Computer Engineering
Sean Koenig-Smith Pre-Civil Engineering
Matthew Kogut Chemical Engineering
Sydney Kolnsberg Materials Engineering
Kristina Kolodziej Civil Engineering
Daniel Kolpek Chemical Engineering
Katherine Kopytek Chemical Engineering
Daria Alekseyevna Korostina Civil Engineering
Hayden Krampe Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Ronald Kuhl Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Carter Kunstek Pre-Computer Science
Yik Hoi Kwan Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Lambert Pre-Civil Engineering
Gregory Lamping Electrical Engineering
Nicholas Lanning Electrical Engineering
Brennan Larned Pre-Chemical Engineering
Lara Larson Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Mitchell LaTonzea First-Year Engineering
Mackenzie Lawson Materials Engineering
Patrick Lawson Computer Engineering
Michael Lay Mechanical Engineering
Jieun Lee Pre-Chemical Engineering
Kwanwoo Lee Pre-Civil Engineering
Kirk Lemmen Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Roger Lenser Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Mallory Leppelmeier Computer Science
Connor Lewis Electrical Engineering
Donovin Lewis Electrical Engineering
Graham Lewis Biosystems Engineering
Maximus Liggett Pre-Computer Science
Dayouran Lim Pre-Computer Engineering
Matthew Lin Pre-Chemical Engineering
Songcheng Lin Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Lindemuth Pre-Computer Engineering
Brock Walter Lindow Computer Engineering
Vincent Liu Computer Science
Lindsey Lockhart Pre-Civil Engineering
Julia Loeb Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Victor Logan Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Sarthak Lohani Pre-Computer Science
Abigail Long Mechanical Engineering
Carolyn Long Computer Science
Christopher Long Materials Engineering
Tyler Long Computer Science
George Loughrin Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Benjamin Lozano Pre-Chemical Engineering
Jordan Luciano Biosystems Engineering
Benjamin Luckett Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Luckett Computer Engineering
Tyler Ly Chemical Engineering
Emily Lynch Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Caleb Lytle Computer Engineering
Kelsey Macleod Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Andie MacMillan Chemical Engineering
Mitchell Maddix Electrical Engineering
Austin Major Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Makinen Pre-Civil Engineering
Jonathan Maness  
Ashbey Manning Pre-Chemical Engineering
Braiden Mara Chemical Engineering
Nicole Marguerite Chemical Engineering
Jalen Marshall Pre-Computer Science
John Marshall Pre-Computer Science
Grace Martin Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Lawson Martin Mechanical Engineering
Logan Martin Pre-Chemical Engineering
Ryan Martin Materials Engineering
Benjamin Mason Chemical Engineering
Garrett Matheny Pre-Chemical Engineering
Mary Matocha Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Martin Matson Mechanical Engineering
Auburn Mattingly Civil Engineering
Jacob Mattingly Civil Engineering
Rebecca Mays Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Montgomery McBee Pre-Chemical Engineering
Robert McClellan Pre-Chemical Engineering
Noah McClure  
Kyle McComis Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Jayla McCoy Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Brock McDaniel Computer Engineering
Madeline McDermott Pre-Chemical Engineering
Preston Mcdowell Civil Engineering
Samuel McElhannon Electrical Engineering
Kate McGown Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Morgan McKinney Computer Science
Kate McLarney Pre-Chemical Engineering
Colbi McLaughlin Chemical Engineering
Anthonie Meador Pre-Mining Engineering
Margaret Mee Pre-Civil Engineering
Maxxwel Megibben Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Darl Messer, III Pre-Civil Engineering
Ian Metzgar Pre-Chemical Engineering
Joshua Metzmeier Pre-Mechanical Engineering
John Meyers Pre-Mechanical Engineering
John Michael Computer Science
Gerard Mijares Computer Engineering
Kaloyan Mikov Pre-Computer Science
Matthew Militello Computer Science
Jordan Miller First-Year Engineering
Shinzaburo Minezawa Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Minotti Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Haylee Mitchell Materials Engineering
Matthew Mitchell Computer Science
Matthew Mitchell Pre-Computer Science
Elizabeth Montemayor Computer Science
Levi Montgomery Pre-Computer Science
Mara Montoya Pre-Computer Science
Abigail Moore Mechanical Engineering
Cole Moore Computer Science
Cooper Moore Computer Engineering
Jonathan Moore Computer Engineering
Margaret Moore Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Moore Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Moore Pre-Civil Engineering
Maialen Morante Oyague Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Morford Pre-Computer Science
Camilo Morrice Pre-Computer Science
Austin Morris Pre-Computer Science
Jacob Morris Pre-Computer Engineering
Luke Morris Computer Science
Matthew Morse Chemical Engineering
Marissa Morvai Pre-Civil Engineering
Aaron Moseley Pre-Computer Science
Susanna Moser Pre-Computer Science
Brent Moulton Mechanical Engineering
Carson Moylan Pre-Computer Science
Rachel Muegge First-Year Engineering
Aaron Mullen Pre-Computer Science
Luke Mullikin Pre-Computer Science
Brennen Mullins Pre-Civil Engineering
Carson Mullins Biosystems Engineering
Ashley Murray Chemical Engineering
Georgia Murray Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Sharathsimha Narasimha Pre-Civil Engineering
Blake Neace Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Neal Mechanical Engineering
Teagen Neal Pre-Civil Engineering
Devan Neely Pre-Biomedical Engineering
Emma Neiheisel Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Riley Neill Pre-Chemical Engineering
Brooks Nelson Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Grant Neltner Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Riley Nesbit Mechanical Engineering
Rachel Neundorfer Pre-Materials Engineering
Joseph Neuzel Mechanical Engineering
Eric Nguyen Mechanical Engineering
Pham Khac Trung Nguyen Pre-Computer Science
Jacob Nichols Civil Engineering
Cecilia Nielson Chemical Engineering
Trevor Nienaber Mechanical Engineering
Nargiza Nigmatova Chemical Engineering
James Nikolic Pre-Chemical Engineering
Vladislav Nikolic Computer Engineering
Clayten Norris Civil Engineering
Adel Nukic First-Year Engineering
Grant Oakes Pre-Chemical Engineering
Rachel O'Bryan Mechanical Engineering
Madeline O'Daniel Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Brent Odonnell Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Clayton O'Donoghue Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Ogburn Pre-Computer Science
Andrew Oldfield Civil Engineering
Tylee Oldham Pre-Materials Engineering
Luke Olsen Pre-Computer Science
Oreoluwa Olukotun Computer Science
Shane O'Neill Pre-Civil Engineering
Jachimike Onuoha Computer Engineering
Jamie Osborn Mechanical Engineering
Abbey Osborne Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Caroline Osbourn Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Osbourn Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Hagen Ouellette Pre-Civil Engineering
Grace Outlaw Pre-Chemical Engineering
Landon Oxley Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Charles Pack Mechanical Engineering
Garrison Page Mechanical Engineering
Joonyoung Park Pre-Computer Science
Lynaia Pate Electrical Engineering
Nil Patel Computer Science
Shubh Patel Pre-Computer Science
Jake Patty Pre-Chemical Engineering
Charles Pemberton, III Pre-Computer Science
Camden Penn Computer Engineering
Camden Penn Computer Science
Jesse Perkins Pre-Electrical Engineering
Andrew Perry Pre-Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Peters Pre-Computer Science
Evan Petrie Mechanical Engineering
Jason Pfannebecker Pre-Computer Science
Allen Pham Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Tran Minh Ngoc Phan Computer Science
Briana Phelps Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Philpot Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Samyak Piya Pre-Computer Science
William Plucknett Electrical Engineering
William Plucknett Computer Engineering
Zane Polley Chemical Engineering
Steven Poore Pre-Electrical Engineering
Chloe Porter Mechanical Engineering
Sam Potter, III Mechanical Engineering
Kiley Power Biosystems Engineering
Jay Powers Pre-Biosystems Engineering
Austin Poynor Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Prince Pre-Computer Engineering
Logan Puckett Mechanical Engineering
Daric Pugh Civil Engineering
James Pusterhofer Computer Science
Garret Putz Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Tian Qiu Computer Science
Abigail Raley Pre-Electrical Engineering
Alberto Ramos Pre-Civil Engineering
Maryrose Ramsey Pre-Chemical Engineering
Matthew Ranaudo Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Rand Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Rankin Mechanical Engineering
Timothy Raque Chemical Engineering
Terry Ratliff Mechanical Engineering
Mercedes Ray Pre-Computer Engineering
John Thomas Reagor Pre-Computer Science
Alexander Reaugh Computer Engineering
Laura Reese Computer Science
Peter Regard Computer Science
Brayden Reichelderfer Pre-Electrical Engineering
Jason Reidhaar Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Max Reinshagen Pre-Chemical Engineering
Erin Remley Biosystems Engineering
Marc Renouil Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Ressler Mining Engineering
BJ Kent Resultay Pre-Computer Science
Allison Revers Computer Science
Reyatijiang Reyatijiang Computer Science
Kate Rhoads Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Devon Rhorer Civil Engineering
Elijah Rice Computer Science
Elijah Rice Pre-Computer Engineering
Katelyn Rice Biosystems Engineering
Baron Richardson Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Laura Richardson Chemical Engineering
Judson Ridgway, II Pre-Mechanical Engineering
Amos Rieber Civil Engineering
Jeffrey Riedling Pre-Electrical Engineering
Sarthak Rijal Computer Science
Austin Riley  
GraceAnn Rimel Pre-Computer Engineering
Jackson Riney First-Year Engineering
Kobe Ringstaff