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May Campaign for Scholarships Raises over $425,000

June 15, 2020

Alumni and friends of the UK College of Engineering donated $426,242.70 toward scholarships for the class of 2024.

On May 11, Dean Rudy Buchheit appealed to UK College of Engineering alumni and friends to donate toward a special scholarship campaign designed to offer scholarships to students admitted to the college but not yet enrolled. At the time, 1,200 potential students fell into that category.

“We hope someone who is offered a scholarship at this point in their decision-making process will be able to say, ‘Yes, I can go to UK now.’ Receiving such a gift will increase their confidence that UK is the right place for them and provide a positive start to their UK career,” said Buchheit.

Only a month later, the college announced the final tally of funds raised: $426,242.70 thanks to 201 donors.

“Just an incredible amount of support,” commented Buchheit. “In the middle of a pandemic, people gave because they believe in the power of scholarships to transform lives.”

As donations have poured into the college, its recruitment office has been contacting students with scholarship offers. For students facing financial uncertainty due to the effects of COVID-19, getting a scholarship so late to the enrollment deadline may have tipped them toward making UK their home.