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Doerge and Creech Win 2017 Staff Excellence Awards

Everyone who works with Jennifer Doerge knows that she consistently carries out the responsibilities of her job with excellence. What motivates her to not only write letters of recommendation, but also help assist students in obtaining jobs? What motivates her to dispense tough love and hard truth to struggling students, yet make each one feel special by remembering their name and life story after one visit? What motivates her to volunteer to teach a section of EGR 199—Student Success—to engineering students on academic probation?  The answer to these questions, and many more like them, is her genuine love for students and earnest desire that each one succeed.

Jennier Doerge, winner of a Staff Excellence Award in the exempt category, with Dean Larry Holloway
Jennier Doerge, winner of a Staff Excellence Award in the exempt category, with Dean Larry Holloway
Jennifer is directly responsible for increased retention among engineering students from their first to second year through her collaboration with others regarding at-risk students in the Engineering Residential College living learning program. She is working with the student alert pilot program to make it more usable for advisors. This fall, Jennifer was recognized for her excellence as the Institution Staff of the Month from the (NRHH) National Residence Hall Honorary.
Jennifer makes herself available to students, co-workers, parents—anyone who needs to reach her—regardless of the time of day or day of the week. She frequently answers emails in the early morning hours, evenings, weekends and while off on personal days or sick days, responding to numerous requests, questions, concerns and more.

Jennifer’s selfless attitude makes her an ideal colleague. When she learns best practices for advising, she shares them with her co-workers. She volunteers on multiple committees, leads the college’s advising meetings, developed an advising assessment committee to trail blaze how the college assesses advising and has served as secretary for the Advising Network Committee. Beyond the college, Jennifer develops and maintains good relationships with other colleges and departments across campus.

Between Jennifer’s rapport with students, tireless dedication to her job and dependability as a colleague, she is more than deserving of a staff excellence award.

Jamie Creech is an engineering field technician who has responsibility for various technologies used to collect important data for the Kentucky Transportation Center’s research programs. Those who work with him unanimously agree that he possesses a rare combination of outstanding technical skills, a contagious positive outlook and consistent dedication to excellence in everything he does.volved. As he rises to meet challenges, he lifts his colleagues as well. Perhaps the best summary of why Jamie deserves a staff excellence award is in this statement: “Honestly, Jamie has been my go to guy. He just gets the job done.”

Jamie Creech winner of a Staff Excellence Award, non-exempt category, with Dean Larry Holloway
Jamie Creech winner of a Staff Excellence Award, non-exempt category, with Dean Larry Holloway

Because the nature of engineering is problem solving, technicians like Jamie are required to develop practical solutions to transportation related research problems for clients. Often, challenging problems require unique and innovative methods. When there isn’t a manual to follow or a best practice to employ, Jamie continuously impresses co-workers and supervisor with his aptitude to understand and learn new processes.

Jamie’s phenomenal attitude toward his job responsibilities is evident through his availability and energy.  Without complaint, Jamie works during off hours because often that is the only time a work site is available for necessary data collection. In the field, Jamie is always aware that he represents the Kentucky Transportation Center and the UK College of Engineering and he displays an outstanding and positive attitude in his interactions with contractors, vendors, state and local government officials.

Jamie’s colleagues describe him as someone who provides energy to everyone working around him. He adds tremendous value and quality to every project with which he is in