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UK Mens Team Places 2nd in Mucking Competition

Mining students from across the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the US) and 17 universities visited Lexington last week as the UK Muckin’ Wildcats Mining Team hosted the International Intercollegiate Mining Competition from March 22-26.

The Mucking Competition, began as a dedication to the victims of the 1972 Sunshine Mining Disaster in Idaho, which claimed the lives of 91 miners. It has since been an event dedicated to any miner who has lost his or her life at a mine site. The goal of the competition is to keep old mining techniques alive, as well as strengthening the camaraderie of mining students today. Students will compete in jackleg drilling, hand steel drilling, gold panning, swede sawing, hand mucking, track stand and land surveying. Events are either judged by students’ performance or time of completion.

One of the UK men teams placed second overall. Go Muckin’ Wildcats.