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Principal Investigator: Dr. Wei (Mike) Li

Associate Professor

Research and Teaching Interests: Adaptive Production Scheduling and Control, Simulation and Optimization in Healthcare Systems, Operations Research, Operations Management, Manufacturing Systems

University of Kentucky, College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering – ME
414J RMB
Lexington, KY 40506-0108
Phone: 859-257-4842
Fax: 859-257-3304
Email: wei.mike.li@uky.edu


Jingjing You

Tentative Thesis Title: Steady-State of Trade-off Balancing


B.S.E. 2011, Biomedical Engineering, Tianjin Medical University, China.

Research interests

Optimization, Healthcare systems scheduling, Sustainable production, Flowshop scheduling.
Email: jingjing.you@uky.edu


Mian M.K Shah

Tentative Thesis Title: Research the importance of Control Systems in Sustainable Manufacturing


B.S.E. 2002, Mechanical Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar, Pak.

B.S.E. 2012, Technology Management, Morehead State University Morehead, KY

Research interests

Control Systems, Sustainable Manufacturing, The Internet of Things, Lean Manufacturing.
Email: mian.shah@uky.edu



Amin Abedini

Dissertation Title: Trade-off Balancing for Stable and Sustainable Operating Room Scheduling


M.S.E. 2012, Mechanical Engineering, Urmia University, Iran.

B.S.E. 2010, Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran.

Research interests

Robust Optimization, Resource allocation, Operating room scheduling, Material processing, 3D printing for drug delivery.

Feidi Dang


M.S.E. 2017, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA.

B.S.E. 2014, Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, China.

Thesis title: An efficient heuristic to balance trade-offs between utilization and patient flowtime in operating room management.

Research interests

Simulation, Optimization, Operation research, Flowshop scheduling


Vivek Reddy Gunna

Vivek joined Sustainable Operation Management (SOM) Lab in August 2015 pursuing his MSc.


M.S.E. 2017, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA.

B.S.E. 2015, Mechanical Engineering, Jawaharlal Technological University Hyderabad, India.

Thesis title: Adaptive multi-objective operating room planning with stochastic demand ans case times.

Research Interests

Portfolio selection, Sustainable production, Operation management.


Honghan Ye


M.S.E. 2017, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA.

B.S.E. 2015, Precision Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, China.

Thesis title:Adaptive scheduling for Operating Room Management

Research interests

Flowshop scheduling, Manufacturing systems, Healthcare systems scheduling, Heuristics design, Pareto optimization.


Xinwei Pan

Thesis Title: Forecasting the workload with hybrid model to reduce the inefficiency cost.


M.S.E. 2017, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA

B.S.E. 2013. Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China.

Research interests

Heuristic Design, Forecasting, Optimization