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Principal Investigator: Dr. Fazleena Badurdeen

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas: Design & Optimization of Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains, Product Design for Sustainability, and Lean Manufacturing.

University of Kentucky, College of Engineering
Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing – ISM
414L RMB
Lexington, KY 40506-0108
Phone: 859-323-3252
Fax: 859-257-1071
Email: badurdeen@uky.edu

Christian Enyoghasi,
Tentative Dissertation Title: Industry 4.0 Driven Sustainable Product Design
Professional Preparation:
B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria
Research Interests:
 sustainable product design, Industry 4.0 and sustainable manufacturing.


Amir Najarzadeh, 
Tentative Dissertation Title: Organizational Interventions to Enhance Lean Transformation Effectiveness
Professional Preparation:
Ph.D., Mining Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA

Research Interests:

Shih-Yang (Peter) Hong,
Tentative Thesis Title: Multi-Objective Optimization of Intermediate Storage Capacity in a Multi-Stage Continuous Flow System
Professional Preparation:
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Research Interests:
Internet of Thing, Simulation, Optimization, Lean systems 


Kelly McAulley,
Tentative Thesis Title: Determining Optimal Levels of Manufacturing Capacity Allocation for Sharing Economy


Leah Ralph,
Tentative Thesis Title: Standardized Process to Identify Pre-requisites for AGV System Implementation (currently with Linkbelt)


Bridgid Hogan,
Tentative Thesis Title: Quality Function Deployment-based Approach to Determining Curricular Requirements for Sustainable Manufacturing Graduate Program
Professional Preparation:
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Clemson University
Research Interests:
Engineering Workforce Development, Curriculum Development, Lean Manufacturing, and Sustainable Manufacturing Education

Brett Crosby,
Tentative Project Title: Adapting Lean Principles for Sustainable Manufacturing

Mahya Zavarian,
Tentative Project Title: Lean Applications in the Power Generation Industry

Ridvan Aydin,
Ridvan received Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. He was working on the DMDII-funded project to develop digitally integrated tools for sustainable product design. The project aimed investigating total lifecycle product design optimization considering end-of-life product recovery strategies. Results of this study can help determine low cost, environmentally friendly and socially responsible product design configurations through maximizing material and resource utilization throughout the lifecycle. (Currently Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, American University of the Middle East, Kuwait) 

Adam Brown,
(PhD from University of Kentucky, August 2017; currently with Institute for Lean Systems)

Aihua Huang,
(PhD from University of Kentucky, August 2017; currently a post-doctoral scholar at Purdue University)

Adam Brown
Dissertation Title: Supplier Segmentation Method for Selection of Resilience-enabling Procurement Strategies. (currently with Institute for Lean Systems)

Aihua Huang
Dissertation Title: A Framework and Metrics for Sustainable Manufacturing Performance Evaluation at the Production line, Plant and Enterprise Levels. (currently a post-doctoral scholar at Purdue University)

K. Daniel Seevers (Co-Chair),
Dissertation Title: Sustainable Lifetime Value Creation through Innovative Product Design: A Product Assurance Model. (currently Director of Development Operations Lexmark International)

Haritha Metta
Dissertation Title: A Multi-stage Decision Support Model for Coordinated Sustainable Product and Supply Chain Design. (Currently with Facebook) 

Ivan Butler,
Thesis Title: An Analysis of Resistance Spot Weld Integrity based on Acoustic and Electrical Signatures

Sudhir Punyamurthula,
Thesis Title: Assessing Production Line Risk using Bayesian Belief Networks and System Dynamics

Ammar Ali, Thesis Title: Quantitative assessment of Product’s Disassemblability and Remanufacturability

Saket D. Fadnavis, Thesis Title: An Empirical Investigation of Potential Relationships between Organizational Culture Traits and Problem Solving Practices to Support Lean Transformations (currently with Schneider Electric)

Gnana Shekaran Arumugam, Thesis Title: Alternate Models for Natural Gas Transportation System Performance Optimization. (Currently with TEAM Industrial Services)

Daniel Sparks, Thesis Title: Combining Sustainable Value Stream Mapping and Simulation to Assess Manufacturing Supply Chain Network Performance

Tian Lan, Thesis Title: Mathematical Modeling for Platform-based Product Configuration Considering Total Life-cycle Sustainability (currently with Citizen's Financial Group, Inc.)

Joseph Amundson, Thesis Title: Modeling of Biorefinery Supply Chain Economic Performance with Discrete Event Simulation (currently with Michelin ASRC)

Scott Ladd, Thesis Title: Developing Sustainable Supplier Evaluation and Selection Methodologies (currently with Infiltrator Water Technologies)

William Faulkner, Thesis Title: Economic Modeling & Optimization of a Region Specific Multi-feedstock Biorefinery Supply Chain (currently with Propel Fuels)

Adam J. Brown, Thesis Title: A Study of Queuing Theory in Low-to-high Rework Environments with Process Availability (currently with Institute for Lean Systems) 

Ken Wijekoon, Thesis Title: Modeling and Optimization to Evaluate Sustainability Performance of Customizable Product Service Systems (currently with Cummins Inc.)

Mohannad Shuaib, Thesis Title: An Algorithm to Solve the Associative Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem (currently with Gerdau Inc.)

Brandon Stump, Thesis Title: Applying Lean Manufacturing and other Strategies for Mass Customization Environments. (Currently with Institute for Lean Systems)

Haritha Metta, Thesis Title: Adaptive, Multi-objective Job Shop Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms (currently with Facebook)

Arvind Goyal, Thesis Title: Application of Artificial Neural Network Techniques for Design of Modular Minicell Configuration (currently with Cummins, Inc.)

Kirthi Bedida (Co-advisor), Thesis Title: An Approach to Inverse Modeling through the Integration of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms (currently with Apple, Inc.)

Kundana Inala, Thesis Title: Assessing Product Configurator Capabilities for Successful Mass Customization (currently with Cummins, Inc.)

Smitha Thuramalla, Thesis Title: Rule Extraction to Establish Design Criteria in Mass Customization Manufacturing (currently with Quest Diagnostics)

Phanindra Chadalavada, Thesis Title: Minimum Flow Time Schedule Genetic Algorithm for Mass Customization Manufacturing using Minicells (currently with MeadWestvaco)

Sonal Gupta, Project Title: Application of Hybrid Six Sigma Methodology for Customer Quality Management System Implementation in Service Industry (currently with Cummins, Inc.)
Anthony Karam, (currently with Orbital ATK)
Demarcus Dawson, Project Title: Evaluating the Impact of Training on Team Leader Capabilities in a Lean Environment (currently with Toyota North America)
Taylor Dawson, Project Title: Impact of Organizational Culture on Problem Solving Practices: A Survey (currently with FirstBuild)
Naresh Tsavatapalli, Project Title: Single Machine Scheduling with Sequence –dependent Setup Times to Minimize Total Tardiness
Bader Meriden, Project Title: Evaluation of Minicell Performance under Stochastic Demand Conditions through Simulation (currently at Guardian Engineering and Manufacturing)
Ramu Thumala, Project Title: A Case Study on Improving Parts Operations in Komatsu Remanufacturing Plant
Wen Huan Ng, Project Title: Restructuring Operations at Ingersoll Rand, Campbellsville, KY

Alperen Bal, PhD student, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey 
Abdul Rehman, PhD student at Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy (co-advised with Jeff Seay) (currently at Swedish Match)
Eyup Calik, PhD student, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey (completed PhD now Assistant Professor at Yalova University, Turkey)

Mikko Tapaninaho, MS student at Tampere University of Technology, Finland (co-advised with I.S. Jawahir) (currently with Robit Plc)
Matthias Grabowski, Undergraduate student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Pinar Bilge, PhD student at Berlin Technical University (BTU), Germany(co-advised with I.S. Jawahir) (completed PhD and now with BTU)
Chandima Ratnayake, PhD student at Stavangar University of Norway (completed PhD and now with Stavangar University)

William Templeton, Project: Sustainable Value Stream Mapping Sus-VSM (currently with Asurian)
Tyler Gullett, Project: Sustainable Value Stream Mapping Sus-VSM (currently with GE Appliances)