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Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace



Hotstage Microscopy


Optical Contact Angle Analyzer



Heat Exchanger Analyzer


Casting Furnace


High/Low Temperature Furnaces




Other Accessible Resources

Electron Microscopy Center, College of Engineering

  • Metallographic Lab, ISM
  • Machine Shop, College of Engineering
  • Fabrication services
  • Machining Tasks (with assistance of the Sustainable Machining Research Lab, ISM)

Struers RotoPol-22: Grinding & Polishing with Automatic Doser
Struers RotoPol-22 - Mechanical Polishing Equipment

Nikon Ephipot 300: Optical Microscopy System
Nikon Ephipot 300 - Optical Microscopy System

Zygo NewView 7300: Surface Profiling
Zygo NewView 7300 - Scanning White-light Interferometer

SUN-TEC: Micro Indentation Hardness Tester
SUN-TEC - Micro Indentation Hardness Tester

Mazak QuickTurn 10N ATC M/C  CNC Lathe
Mazak QuickTurn 10N ATC M/C  CNC Lathe

HAAS VF2 4 Axis Vertical CNC Machining Center
HAAS VF2 - 4 Axis Vertical CNC Machining Center