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Lockheed Martin - Snip Snap Spaghetti [Interactive]

Using the materials below, build a tower as tall as possible and that will hold a large marshmallow at the very top without toppling over.
Parts List:

  1. 20 pieces of spaghetti
  2. 20 small marshmallows
  3. 1 large marshmallow
  4. 1 foot of tape
  5. 1 piece of paper


  1. The spaghetti, small marshmallows and tape may be modified to accommodate the tower construction.
  2. The large marshmallow cannot be modified.
  3. Measurement of tower height will be taken from the base of the tower to the top of the large marshmallow. *Note: The large marshmallow can be located anywhere in the tower structure but the measurement will still be taken from the base of the tower to the top of the large marshmallow.
  4. Time yourself:
    • 5 mins to plan your structure on paper (just like a blueprint in real life)
    • 25 mins to build the structure


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