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Engineers Day


E-Day Live! will be broadcast live via YouTube and is FREE to virtually attend today from 9 am-3 pm EST. Watch it here.

In many ways, E-Day Live! will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. In other ways, it will feel like the same E-Day you’ve come to know and love no matter how many years you’ve attended.

For starters, we will have a mix of live shows, competitions and on-demand content. The live shows will have scheduled times, while you can access on-demand content at any point during the six-hour live event.

Just as the typical E-Day open house is a come-and-go event, you can customize your E-Day Live! experience any way you want. 

What’s more, some of the college’s best-known personalities will host E-Day Live! alongside current engineering students who share an infectious enthusiasm for the engineering profession and the UK College of Engineering.

We know that part of the enjoyment of E-Day comes from the opportunity to learn science and engineering lessons using everyday objects. During the week before E-Day Live!, we will list the household items you will need to participate in any of our interactive exhibits. We’ll even have some of our famous competitions, like the Egg Drop! This year, everyone can watch homemade feats of engineering hurtle toward the pavement while bearing an innocent egg.

We have racked our brains to make E-Day 2021 absolutely awesome. Once again, it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. We can’t wait to share E-Day Live! with you on February 27.

Please register to ensure you receive all updated information about E-Day Live!, and information for future engineering opportunities.



E-Day is made possible thanks to the support of its lead sponsor, Lexmark.


Other sponsors include Lockheed Martin.