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WiE Explore: Women in Engineering Summer Camp

What is WiE Explore?

Women in Engineering (WiE) Explore at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering is a five-day, residential summer camp designed to provide an opportunity to female students to explore all nine UK Engineering majors. Young women entering any high school grade (9-12) in fall 2020 are eligible to register.

Our goal is to allow young women who express an interest in engineering to explore all academic opportunities offered at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering in a non-competitive, fun, and hands-on environment. In addition to academic programming, WiE Explore participants will spend time in recreational and social activities intended to acclimate them to the undergraduate experience at the University of Kentucky. Further, students will have the opportunity to visit local engineering companies and meet female professional engineers across multiple engineering disciplines. 

The cost to attend WiE Explore is $675.

This cost includes:

  • Orientation session for students and parents
  • Get-to-know-you activities
  • Week of residence hall accommodations in a UK Engineering Residence Hall
  • Hands-on instructional activities in many engineering disciplines
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner provided in on-campus dining facilities, and snacks)
  • Campus life and recreation
  • UK campus tour
  • Meeting UK Engineering faculty, staff, students and alumni
  • Group engineering design project
  • Peer mentoring through camp counselors, all current UK Engineering students
  • Field trips to local engineering companies
  • And all outside activities during the week

Everything needed in a regular day is provided in the registration fee. The only money students need is for laundry and miscellaneous items.  


When is WiE Explore 2020?

The program will be held from June 14-19, 2020. All students are expected to commit to the entire week of the program and should have no other obligations during the week. 


How do I apply to WiE Explore 2020?

The application is fully online and can be found here.

No fee is required at the time of application.

Scholarships are available to accepted students, based on need. The scholarship application will be sent to the student by request, upon acceptance to the program.

Applicants will be notified of their status on a rolling basis.


Who can I contact with questions about WiE Explore 2020?

Your question may be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. See if you can find an answer here.

Please contact Program Director Micaha Dean Hughes at micahardean@uky.edu with any questions.


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