EE 614 ADAPTIVE Control


Notes on Applied System Identification Techniques

Discrete Impulse Response and Interval Model Control Homework

Adaptive PI and Interval Model Control Projects

What is Adaptive Control

Real-Time Parameter Estimation: EE699-2-1, EE699-2-2, EE699-2-3, EE699-2-4, EE699-2-5

Deterministic Self-Tuning Regulators: EE699-3-1, EE699-3-2, EE699-3-3, EE699-3-4

Stochastic and Predictive Self-Tuning Regulators: EE699-4-1, EE699-4-2, EE699-4-3, EE699-4-4, EE699-4-5

Auto-Tuning of PID Controllers: EE699-8-1, EE699-8-2, EE699-8-3

Gain Scheduling: EE699-9-1, EE699-9-2

Practical Issues and Implementation: EE699-11-1, EE699-11-2, EE699-11-3, EE699-11-4, EE699-11-5

Model Reference Adaptive Systems: EE699-5-1, EE699-5-2, EE699-5-3, EE699-5-4, EE699-5-5