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1.Sai Guduru :

1a. Synthesis, characterization and analytical modeling of CdTe based Schottky diodes and homojunctions for solar cell applications.

1b. Fabrication and electro-optical characterization of nanoporous TiO2/CdTe heterojunction solar cells.

2.Matthew Girard :

2a. Modeling and quantum mechanical considerations in nanowire based solar cells.

3.Tucker Stofer:

3a. Exploration of novel architectures for performance enhancement in nanowire solar cells

4. Riasad Azim :

4a. Fabrication and study of nanowired CdS/Cu2S photovoltaic devices.

4b. Analysis of orientational effects on nanowired heterojunction devices (with Sai Guduru).

5. Matthew Dye :

5a.Nanowired device design for multi-junctioned solar cells.

6. Raghauv Govindarajan:

6a. Numerical optimization of parameters for high efficiency CdS/CdTe solar cells.

6b. Fabrication and analysis of TiO2/CdTe Solar Cells (with Suraj Nagpure) .