Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad
"The Mathcad Electronic Book for engineering electromagnetics education." 
What is it?

How do I get it?

Where can I get Mathcad?

What about Mathcad Explorer?

VisualEM on the Mathsoft Web Library




Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad has been revised. Version 1.1 has been released for use with any edition of Mathcad 8. (The original version 1.0 of VisualEM is still recommended for Mathcad 7)

What is it?

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad© is an electronic book specially written for use with the text Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e, McGraw-Hill, 1998.

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad contains over 70 separate worksheets and is roughly 500 pages in length. Many of the worksheets in this electronic book are essentially mini tutorials on a specific topic from the textbook. Unlike the printed text, however, all the worksheets are "live" meaning that the problem variables can be changed and the results observed almost instantly. The electronic book also offers animation capabilities which are extensively incorporated into the electronic book.

A few worksheets have been compiled into a read-only preview using Net-It Now! No other browser plug-ins are required to view these sample worksheets. However, these worksheets are not "live" which means you cannot change values nor do the hyperlinks or information buttons operate. These worksheets serve only to give you a taste of what to expect from Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad:

How do I get it?

There are presently two versions of Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad: There is no significant content differences between these versions of VisualEM.

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad is a roughly 2 MB file that can be downloaded from either of two places. Simply click one of the following choices to download this electronic book:

Download Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad

 Version 1.0 (Mathcad 7) Version 1.1 (Mathcad 8)
 McGraw-Hill Higher Education  McGraw-Hill Higher Education
 University of Kentucky  University of Kentucky

Installation of Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad is quick and easy. Simply double click the file setup.exe that you just downloaded and follow the instructions. The text file Readme.txt contains useful information for your reference. You may wish to read this file before running Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad.

Where can I get Mathcad?

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad can be used with either Mathcad 7 or Mathcad 8. (Information on Mathcad 7 is found elsewhere). There are four "editions" of Mathcad 8: Professional, Professional Academic, Standard and Explorer. The Professional and Professional Academic editions are purported to be functionally equivalent. The latter edition, however, has a reduced price for students and academics and comes with two CDs containing additional resources.

Among other places, you can find the first three editions of Mathcad 8 at:

Your local university bookstore may also carry Mathcad. Note that at some of these retailers, academic discounts are available to students and educators.

Note that MathSoft offers patches for Mathcad through their service packs. The current patches for the various editions of Mathcad 8 are listed in the table below. (Mathcad 7 patches are listed elsewhere.)

Mathcad 8 Patches 

Edition Current Patch
Standard Level 8.03 (May 1999)
Professional Academic Level 8.03 (May 1999)
Professional Level 8.03 (May 1999)

More details on the specific issues addressed with this current service patch are available.

What about Mathcad Explorer? 

Mathcad Explorer a free application available from MathSoft can also be used to view Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad. Mathcad Explorer is the latest release of what was previously called Mathcad Engine. Explorer contains most of the Mathcad Professional capabilities.

Mathcad Explorer is capable of reading Mathcad electronic books but it will not save changes to the electronic book (these changes are called "annotations") nor can Explorer generate new Mathcad worksheets.

Mathcad Explorer is now available from MathSoft.

VisualEM on the Mathsoft Web Library 

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad v. 1.1 is now available on Mathsoft's Web Library. Mathcad v.8 or later is required to run this version of VisualEM from the Web Library.

Using the Web Library, you can run VisualEM and other posted Mathcad electronic books and worksheets over the internet without having the electronic book installed locally on your PC. Of course, you must be running Mathcad or Mathcad Explorer on your PC. The primary benefit of the Web Library is that VisualEM can be accessed anywhere and at anytime from an internet connected PC with a local copy of Mathcad or Mathcad Explorer.

To access the Mathsoft Web Library, start Mathcad then select Resource Center from the Help menu. Next, click on the Web Library icon and then click the hyperlinked address shown at the bottom of the page. You will be connected with the Mathsoft Web Library where you will find Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad as one of the listed electronic books.

Note that depending on your internet connection, your response time while running VisualEM may be much slower than with a locally installed copy.


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