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New Courses Developed at the University of Kentucky

In this graduate / senior level elective course, a survey of the application of chemical engineering and physical chemistry principles to the synthesis of advanced materials is presented.  The materials include porous materials, nanoparticles, thin films, nanowires, and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. [Syllabus]

In this graduate / senior level elective, molecular-level computational techniques are introduced at a level intended to allow them to be used in research.  Quantum mechanical techniques are surveyed and the emphasis is on statistical mechanical methods including Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics. [Syllabus]

This freshman / sophomore level class is designed to give students an introduction to computational tools used throughout our curriculum, and representative of the types of tools needed in engineering practice.  These include spreadsheet / numerical tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel), numerical math packages (e.g. Matlab) and process simulators (e.g. Aspen).  [Syllabus]

Core Courses Taught in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department