CME 599-002 / CME 780-002 Special Topics: Advanced Materials
Fall 2007

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Students taking this course will learn about the chemical synthesis and characterization of materials with advanced nanostructure and properties. Examples of the types of materials that will be discussed are nanoporous oxides (such as zeolites and mesoporous metal oxides like MCM-41), nanoparticles, inorganic thin films and membranes, nanowires, functional thin films, and self-assembled structures. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamental knowledge required to understand and control the "bottom-up" formation of these inorganic materials by polymerization, controlled precipitation, self-assembly, and controlled transport of matter and energy. The course will draw on elements of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical kinetics, transport phenomena, and interfacial engineering to provide a survey of materials chemistry and the engineering of advanced materials.

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