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Resource Downloads


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Textbook Website (includes errata)

Course Syllabus (PDF)

Lab1 (PDF)

Deanarchizing Chemical Processes (PDF)
Dynamic Process Modeling (PDF)

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Open-loop 2 tank simulation (MCD)
Closed-loop 2 tank simulation (MCD)
Alternate Closed-loop 2 tank simulation (MCD)
Polymath Closed-loop 2 tank simulation (POL)
MATLAB 2 tank simulations (ZIP)

A New Dimension in Dynamic Modeling (PDF, 159k)
Mega-Conversion Factors(PDF, 177k)(PDF, 177k)

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Lab2 (PDF)
Basic Conical Tank Solution with MATLAB (zip)

omparing Conical Tank ResponsesComparing Conical Tank Responses with MATLAB (zip )
Comparing Linear and Nonlinear Reactor models with MATLAB (zip)

Got A Problem with That?(PDF)
Paint a Picture (PDF)

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Study Guide Exam 1 (PDF)

Using the IF function with dead time (xls)

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Simulink Tutorial (PDF, 293k)
Simulink Model for 6.9a (mdl, 10k)

When 2nd Just Isn't Good Enough(PDF, 2.3MB)
Process ID by MOLS (xls, 24k)
Creating A Black Box: Process Identification (PDF, 154k)

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Laboratory Exercise 3 (PDF)

PCT23 Process Plant Trainer Manual Excerpts (PDF)
Genesis Data Acquisition Software (PDF)
Honeywell Industrial PID Controller (PDF)

Starting to Get It Under Control (PDF, 176k)

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Quarter Turn vs. Rising Stem: Who Is In Control? (PDF, 192k)
Ease Control Valve Selection (PDF, 77k)
Cut The Cost and Raise The Reliability of Your Instrumentation (PDF, 131k)
Vortex Meter (PDF, 276k)
Radar technology for level control (PDF, 65k)

Exposing Mass Flowmeters Dirty Little Secret (PDF, 343k)
Time to Consider Human Factors in Alarm Management (PDF, 155k)

Project Assignment (PDF)

Instrumentation (PDF, 179k)

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Study Guide for Exam 2 (PDF)

Process Control Principles (PDF, 71k)
Going Loopy (PDF, 91k)

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Laplace Transforms in Mathcad (MCD, 217k)
Modeling a PID Controller in Mathcad (MCD, 319k)

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Calculations (PDF, 134k)

Exam 2

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Laboratory Exercise 4 (PDF)
Simulating Closed-Loop Systems (mdl,16k)

Cascade Control Case A (mdl, 17k)
Cascade Control Case B (mdl, 17k)

Tuning Fork (PDF, 145k)
Turn It Around (FF Control) (PDF, 181k)
Onward and Upward (Advanced Ctrl) (PDF, 187k)

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Exam 3 Study Guide (PDF)

And Then Reality Happened (multiloop control) (PDF, 356k)

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Wood and Berry Column (PDF, 857k)

Laboratory Exercise 5 (PDF, 55k)

Bode plots in Excel (XLS, 34k)
Bode plots in Matlab (m, 389k)
Bode plots with deadtime (m, 1k)
Bode Plot paper (PDF, 21k)

Kenneth, What's The Frequency (frequency response) (PDF, 256k)

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Statistical Process Control from Marlin (PDF, 727k)

Stability Matters (FR controller design) (PDF, 221k)
Statistical Process Control (PDF, 111k)

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Final Exam Study Guide (PDF, 71k)

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.mcd	Mathsoft Mathcad worksheet
.mdl	Matlab Simulink model
.m	Matlab script

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