David L. Silverstein, Professor, UK Chemical Engineering

David L. Silverstein
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APEx: Analyzing Processes with Excel

David L. Silverstein, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Director, Paducah Extended Campus Programs

Courses Taught:

CME 006 The Engineering Profession CME 425 Heat and Mass Transfer 
CME 101 Introduction to Chemical Engineering CME 432 Chemical Engineering Lab I 
CME 199 Computational Methods in ChE (was EGR199) CME 455 Process Design I
CME 200 Process Principles CME 456 Process Design II
CME 320 Thermodynamics CME 462 Process Control
CME 415 Separations CME 470 Safety, Ethics, and Professionalism
CME 420 Process Modeling CME 550 Reactor Design
  CME 599 Interfacial Engineering

 Most pages have been supplanted by use of Blackboard and/or Canvas. Some access restricted outside UK Paducah.

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