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Awards & News:

Sept 2011: Congratulations to JIN LUO and JENN FISCHER. Jin was awarded the USEC Inc., Graduate Fellowship and Jenn the Heard Graduate Fellowship.

March 2011: 
DR. EITEL and collaborators awarded a grant for a pilot scale clinical trial.

March 2011: 
SERHIY LEONTSEV has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Leontsev.

Aug 2010: 
JIN LUO has joined the Eitel Group. Jin will be working on ceramic based microfluidic devices for medical applications

May 2010: 
WENLI ZHANG was awarded runner-up for BEST STUDENT PAPER at the "2010 U.S. Navy Workshop on Acoustic Transduction Material and Devices"

Jan 2010:
SERGIY LEONTSEV was awarded a Dissertation Year Fellowship for his Thesis on "High Performance Lead Free Piezoelectric Ceramics

August 2009:
"Chemical and Materials Engineering Department Faculty Awarded Department of Defense Grant"

R&D100October 2007:
Dr. Eitel and Coworkers Received the R&D 100 Award for “Integrated Fiber Alignment Package (IFAP)”.

The Eitel Research Group is interested is applying fundamental principles of materials science to the discovery and development of "Smart Ceramic Materials and Devices" in diverse fields encompassing nanomaterials, microelectronics. energy, and medicine. Our unique approach to research focuses on the development and application of innovative fabrication and characterization methods for bulk and thick film ceramic materials. These methods are then applied to understand, predict, and engineer the performance of the materials and devices we develop.

Our interest in "Smart Materials" is focused on the design and discovery of materials which respond to an external stimuli yielding a significant change in one or more of the material's properties. This research has lead to the development of high temperature and lead-free piezoceramic materials suitable for use in automotive fuel injection, precise positioning, and medical applications.

Beyond materials development we also collaborate with other engineers, scientists, and medical doctors to integrate these materials into functional "Smart Devices." Examples of these devices include compact piezoelectric pumps for lab-on-a-chip applications, remotely actuated microfluidic valves, and multilayer ceramic (MLC) microfluidic devices for cell biology and medical diagnostics.

Please spend some time and look around to learn more about our research programs, group, publications, and facilities.

Eitel Laboratory for
Smart Ceramic Materials and Devices

Richard E. Eitel, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Office: 151 F. Paul Anderson Tower
Mailing: 177 F. Paul Anderson Tower
Lexington, KY 40506

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