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The Smart Ceramic Materials and Devices Laboratory occupies approximately 800 sq ft in the Sam J. Whalen building. In Spring 2007, this space was completely renovated including new utilities (electric, water, compressed air, and exhaust) to accomodate high temperature and pilot scale ceramic materials processing capabilies. The laboratory contains facilities and equipment for processing, sample preparation, thermal and electrical characterization of smart materials and devices.

Dedicated Equipment:

High Temperature DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter):

NETZSCH STA-449 Jupiter -Simultaneous TG-DTA/DSC w/ 1550 C SiC Furnace:

"Characteristic of the instrument are the extremely stable and reproducible TG and DSC baselines. The high degree of sensitivity of the DSC sensor is guaranteed even at temperatures above 1500°C. The electromagnetically compensated, top-loading microbalance stands out due to high accuracy and resolution in the µg range, as well as its excellent stability. Samples weighing up to 5 g can be tested. These features are the basis for the unique performance of this instrument. The high precision and excellent reproducibility make the STA 449 C an imperative tool for research, development and quality assurance. As part of the versatile NETZSCH "Thermal Analysis" product line, it provides important information about the thermal behavior of the most varied materials." (Taken from the NETZSCH Thermal Analysis Product Web page at:

Ferroelectric Analyzer (Paul Moses):

Automated Ferroelectric Analysis System with Computer Controlled (LabView) Analysis and Acquisition of Polarization-Field and Strain-Field Data. The setup consists of a modified Sawyer-Tower circuit for polarization measurement with LVDT for sub-micron resolution strain measurements. The system is controlled by USB NI DAQ card and can be configured to operate external power supplies for Bipolar Voltage Capabilities of +/- 10kV. The measurement fixture is designed to be temperature resistant for operation between -100 and +200 Centigrade.

R.E. Mistler TTC-1200 Table Top Tape Caster:

"Designed for process development, this machine performs in the same manner as a standard production machine allowing accurate scale up into production. A stationary blade and moving carrier allow for convenient reservoir filling and lack of vibration as compared to moving blade machines as well as better end-to-end uniformity. The casting bed can be easily and accurately leveled to give reliable thickness data and repeatable drying shrinkage data." (Taken from The Tape Casting Warehouse web

Electronic Characterization Equipment:

Agilent E4980A: 2 MHz Precision LCR Meter; Agilent 33220A/001: 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator; Agilent 34410A: 6.5 Digit BDMM; Agilent DSO 5014A: 4Ch Digitizing Oscilloscope;

High Temperature Furnaces:

1750°C MHI Rapid Temp Tube Furnace; 1500°C Linberg 3" Tube Furnace; 1100°C Linberg Box Furnace (2qty); 1-1100°C Thermolyne Muffle Furnace; Oxygen Gettering Furnace for low PO2 Experiments

Shared Facilities:



Eitel Laboratory for
Smart Ceramic Materials and Devices

Richard E. Eitel, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Office: 151 F. Paul Anderson Tower
Mailing: 177 F. Paul Anderson Tower
Lexington, KY 40506

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