Outline012301, LGH, EE499

Task 2: Search for part numbers, data sheets (front page only), distributors and price.

Parts: LEDs, Drivers (discrete and IC), Op-amps (start with a 347), Multiplexor (i.e., 4051,4052,4053 bi-directional switches) Also, find Maxim technology, Active filters (especially bandpass, see Maxim technology), Audio transducers, Audio Amplifiers (IC only), Signal Generators or Timers, Voltage Regulators, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Sensors (Phototransistors and pin diodes)

Distributors: Jameco, Digi-Key, Maxim, Newark


  1. Discuss general structure of communications system and how it might be used to evaluate effectiveness of UK EE curriculum.
  2. Have group representatives present their ideas on the testing method and performance measures for judging the different devices.


All the groups contributed the basic idea plus some unique aspect of the problem. Some of the criterion included.

Discrimination capability, Sensor Distance Criterion, Speed, Cost, Portability, Complexity, Effectiveness of human interface, Applications

The apparatus for testing the devices included

Control surfaces including colored paper. Shape variation. Ambient light conditions from sunlight, overhead light, to darkness. Dark room, Dark box to exclude outside ambient light and reduce reflection, Black box tests where the target objects were kept out of view to remove bias from the test results.

Task 1 Groups:

Group: 1

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Chai min chin mcchai0@pop.uky.edu

Sam, lih pin samlp@rocketmail.com

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Group: 2

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Group: 3 (Agent Orange)

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Group: 4

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