Stephen D. Gedney

Reese Terry Endowed Professor
Electromagnetics Lab
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0046
phone: (859) 257-3926
fax: (859) 257-3092

gedney at engr dot uky dot edu

Gysel Power Divider
Vertical Electric Field within the substrate beneath a Gysel Power Divider (superimposed) excited by a Gaussian pulse. Simulation performed using the Planar Generalized Yee (PGY) algorithm.

Next Text Book

Introduction to the FDTD Method for Electromagnetics, by S. D. Gedney, Morgan & Claypool, 2011. Available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble ,, etc.

Topics of Research

Computational Electromagnetics
Microwave Circuit Device Modeling
Package Interconnect Modeling
Electromagnetic Scattering
Parallel Computational Methods

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Technical Sites of Interest

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Cal Tech Center for Advanced Computing Research
Parallel FDTD Site, Brunel Univ., UK

Parallel Computers/Computation Sites

Latest Benchmarks of High Performance Computers
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Parallel Tools
METIS - Automatic Unstructured Graph Partitioning Tool
Supercomputing Sites

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University of Kentucky Home Page
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Distributed Computing Laboratory

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