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Research Facilities

Currently, the ME Department is awaiting completion of the new Mechanical Engineering at the old Engineering Quadrangle (view the construction live here). In the meanwhile, the ME labs are scattered about campus. Major equipment and computing facilities are listed below, but check the lab pages for a more recent and detailed listing.

Major Computing Facilities
University of Kentucky Computing Center (including the Center for Computational Sciences)
IBM 9672 Parallel Enterprise Server
Convex Exemplar
Convex Metasystem
Host of SGI and HP Stations
4+ Beowulf Type Clusters for CFD
FDG Faculty and student computing resources
HP 750 w/ 128 Mb RAM, 24-bit color graphics, 3 HP X-Terminals
Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Solid Impact
Silicon Graphics Origin 2000
Silicon Graphics O2 (Two)
Experimental Facilities in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
UK/ME Subsonic Wind Tunnel
FML Subsonic Wind Tunnel
FML Miniature Towing Tank
Fluid Dynamics Quantitative Visualization Facility