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Fluids Courses

A number of courses are offered in fluid dynamics, both graduate and undergraduae. Only fluid dynamics specific courses are listed here. See the ME page for all graduate course including courses in all areas of thermal-fluid sciences. As our courses are continually evolving, this page may not be up to date.

  • Undergraduate Courses
    ME 321 Thermodynamics II
    ME 330 Fluid Mechanics
    ME 380 Aircraft Design
    ME 380 Numerical Methods in Thermal-Fluid Sciences
    ME 380 Introduction to CFD
  • Graduate Courses
    EGR 537 Numerical Methods
    ME 530
    Gas Dynamics
    ME 531 Advanced Fluid Dynamics I
    ME 599 Aerodynamics
    ME 599 Aerodynamics of Turbomachinery
    ME 599 Basic Computational Methods for Engineers and Scientists
    ME 631 Advanced Fluid Dynamics II
    ME 634 Turbulent Flows

    ME 690 Advanced Algorithms for CFD
    ME 699(a) Incompressible CFD
    ME 699(b) Compressible CFD